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Air rage is the general term for disruptive and/or violent behaviour perpetrated by passengers and crew of aircraft, typically during flight.

Unlike ground vehicles, airplanes enter altitudes where changes in air pressure can help trigger temporary psychological changes, such as enhancing the psychoactive effects of chemicals like alcohol which is typically served on board.

Furthermore, stopping and ejecting the offenders is often not a practical option as landing is an involved process that would seriously inconvenience the flight schedule of the aircraft and the passengers more than the misbehaving person themselves. In addition, unlike large ships, there is insufficient room on board to hold the offender in an isolated area until arrival. However, air rage can have serious implications, especially if the offender decides to interfere with the aircraft's navigation which could cause it to crash. Air rage comes in two different types: hostile and angry/emotional.


Undesirable passenger behavior

Some types of passenger behavior are not tolerated by cabin crew or other passengers, due to reasons of flight safety or the comfort of staff or passengers. Examples of behavior that threatens flight safety include failure to follow safety regulations or behaving in a way that gives suspicion of a threat to flight safety [1] Behavior that may interfere with the comfort of cabin crew or passengers[2] include viewing pornographic materials, performing sex acts in the lavatory, loud or drunken behavior, swearing and wearing clothing that is inappropriate or offensive.

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