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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Michael Lehmann
Produced by Mark Burg
Robert Simonds
Written by Rich Wilkes
Starring Brendan Fraser
Steve Buscemi
Adam Sandler
Joe Mantegna
Michael McKean
Ernie Hudson
Amy Locane
Nina Siemaszko
Chris Farley
Marshall Bell
Judd Nelson
Reg E. Cathey
David Arquette
Michael Richards
Music by Carter Burwell
Cinematography John Schwartzman
Editing by Stephen Semel
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) August 5, 1994 (1994-08-05)
Running time 92 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $11 million
Gross revenue $5,751,882 (domestic)[1]

Airheads is a 1994 American comedy film written by Rich Wilkes and directed by Michael Lehmann. It stars Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler, and Steve Buscemi as a group of loser musicians called The Lone Rangers who take a radio station hostage, just so that their song would get played on the radio. Joe Mantegna plays the radio station's disc jockey and Michael McKean plays the station's manager. Although the film was a critical and commercial failure, it has become something of a cult classic among rock fans and metalheads.



Chazz (Brendan Fraser), Rex (Steve Buscemi) and Pip (Adam Sandler) are a Los Angeles would-be rock band calling themselves The Lone Rangers. The guys are continuously turned down as they try to get their demo tape heard by producers. They finally decide to try to get the local rock station, KPPX-FM Rebel Radio 103.6, to play it on the air, after they saw how Rebel Radio helped another band (The Sons of Thunder) get a record deal. Their first break-in attempt is using Pip's ATM card and its PIN. Then, Rex tries to "short circuit" the electronic lock with Pip's Big Gulp. They finally get in when a station employee comes out (and goes back in) and they keep the door from shutting.

Once inside, disc jockey Ian the Shark (Joe Mantegna) puts them on the air without them knowing. The station's sleazy manager Milo (Michael McKean) overhears them and intervenes. After Milo calls Rex "Hollywood Boulevard trash", Chazz and Rex shove water pistols (that look like Uzis) loaded with hot pepper sauce in Milo's face and demand airplay. After setting up a reel-to-reel for the demo, the tape starts and is destroyed when the reel runs out and catches fire in an ashtray. The guys try to run, but Doug Beech (Michael Richards), a station employee calls police and the building is surrounded.

They soon realize that they are armed hostage takers, and begin negotiations with the police. During the crisis, it is learned that Milo had signed a deal to change radio formats, which includes having to downsize Ian and most of the other employees. Ian and the rest of the employees take the side of Chazz and turn against Milo. Eventually, the record executive who rejects Chazz in the beginning of the film comes to the radio station. The band signs a record contract and goes out on stage to play, only to realize that they are supposed to lip sync the song and fake playing the instruments. They refuse to lip sync while the music is playing and get a round of cheers from the audience, who rush the stage.

Afterwards, Ian becomes the band's manager and we learn that the three were sent to prison, but served only a short time and had their album "Live in Prison" (which was recorded while the trio was imprisoned) go triple platinum.



  • The band Galactic Cowboys perform in the film under the name "Sons of Thunder". Their sole musical contribution to the film, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful," was strangely omitted from the soundtrack and is not available anywhere—even the band does not have a copy. The track is highly sought after by Galactic Cowboys fans.
  • White Zombie makes an appearance in the film where they perform their song "Feed the Gods" at Whisky a Go Go.
  • John Melendez from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Howard Stern Show makes a cameo when he admits that he used to "masturbate... constantly".
  • Lemmy cameos as the "rocker" who admits to being editor of his school magazine during the scene when people admit to doing uncool things as kids. He is credited as "Lemmy von Motörhead". During the intro sequence, a picture of Lemmy can be seen hanging on a wall in the Palatine Records building.
  • Mike Judge makes a voice-only appearance as his characters Beavis and Butt-head, calling KPPX to tell The Lone Rangers that they suck.
  • Allen Covert, a familiar face in many Adam Sandler films, appears briefly as a police officer.
  • MTV journalist Kurt Loder appears briefly as a news reporter.
  • Harold Ramis appears as an undercover police officer who tries to get into the radio station posing as a record executive who wants to sign the band, but he is found out after the band quizzes him on heavy metal & hard rock with the questions, "Which side did you take in the David Lee Roth/Van Halen split?" and "Who would win in a wrestling match? Lemmy or God?".


Airheads (Soundtrack)
Soundtrack by various artists
Released 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre Rock music
Length 49:43
Label Arista Records
Producer Lonn Friend
Professional reviews
  1. "Born to Raise Hell" by Motörhead with Ice-T and Whitfield Crane – 4:57
  2. "I'm The One" by 4 Non Blondes – 3:58
  3. "Feed the Gods" by White Zombie – 4:05
  4. "No Way Out" by DGeneration – 4:26
  5. "Bastardizing Jellikit" by Primus – 4:11
  6. "London" by Anthrax – 2:54 Originally by The Smiths.
  7. "Can't Give In" by Candlebox – 3:15
  8. "Curious George Blues" by Dig – 4:03
  9. "Inheritance" by Prong – 2:11
  10. "Degenerated" by Lone Rangers – 3:53 Originally by Reagan Youth.
  11. "I'll Talk My Way Out Of It" by Stuttering John – 3:40
  12. "Fuel" by Stick – 4:57
  13. "We Want the Airwaves" by Ramones – 3:21


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