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A list of all Airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.

Airline codes for airlines beginning with:

All - 0-9 - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z

IATA airline designator

IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines in accordance with the provisions of IATA Resolution 762. They form the first two characters of the flight number.

Designators are used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes, including reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills, and in airline interline telecommunications. There are three types of designator: unique, alpha/numeric, and controlled duplicate.

IATA maintains two policies to deal with the limited number of available codes:

  1. after an airline is delisted, the code becomes available for reuse after six months;
  2. IATA issues "controlled duplicates".

Controlled duplicates are issued to regional airlines whose destinations are not likely to overlap, in such a way that the same code would be shared by two different airlines. The controlled duplicate is denoted here with an asterisk (*) following the code and in IATA literature as well.

ICAO airline designator

The ICAO airline designator is a code assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organization to aircraft operating agencies, aeronautical authorities, and services. The codes are unique by airline which is not true for the IATA airline designator codes.

Each aircraft operating agency, aeronautical authority, and services related to international aviation is allocated both a three-letter designator and a telephony designator. The designators are listed in ICAO Document 8585: Designators for Aircraft Operating Agencies, Aeronautical Authorities and Services.

An example is:

  • Three-letter designator - AAL
  • Telephony designator - AMERICAN
  • Operator - American Airlines

Certain combinations of letters are not allocated to avoid confusion with other systems (for example SOS). Other designators (particularly those starting with Y and Z) are reserved for government organizations.

Designator YYY is used for operators that do not have a code allocated.

Call signs

Most airlines employ a distinctive and internationally recognized call sign that is normally spoken during airband radio transmissions as a prefix to the flight number. The flight number is normally then published in their public timetable and appears on the arrivals and departure screens in the airport terminals served by that particular flight. In cases of emergency, the airline name and flight number, rather than the individual aircraft's registration, are normally mentioned by the main news media.

Some call signs are less obviously associated with a particular airline than others. This might be for historic reasons, or possibly to avoid confusion with a call sign used by an established airline.

Not all of these operators of aircraft are civilian and some only operate ad hoc chartered flights rather than scheduled flights; some operate both types of flights. Some cargo airlines specialize in freight transport, an emphasis that may be reflected in the company's name.

Clearly companies' names will change over time, normally due to bankruptcies or mergers occurring. Country names can also change over time and new call signs may be agreed in substitution for traditional ones. The country shown alongside an airline's call sign is that wherein most of its aircraft are believed to be registered, which may not always be the same as the country in which the firm is officially incorporated or registered. There are many other airlines in business whose radio call signs are more obviously derived from the trading name.

The callsign should normally resemble the operators name or function and not be confused with callsigns used by other operators. The callsign should be easily and phonetically pronounceable in at least English, French, Spanish or Russian.


Airline codes
IATA ICAO Airline Call Sign Country Comments
EYE F.S. Air Service SOCKEYE United States
IFA FAI Air Service RED ANGLE Germany
FLC FINFO Flight Inspection Aircraft FLIGHT CHECK United States
FKI FLM Aviation Mohrdieck KIEL AIR Germany
FLW FLowair Aviation QUICKFLOW France
FMG FMG Verkehrsfliegerschule Flughafen Paderborn-Lippstadt HUSKY Germany
FRA FR Aviation RUSHTON United Kingdom
FSB FSB Flugservice & Development SEABIRD Germany
LEJ FSH Luftfahrtunternehmen LEIPZIG FAIR Germany
FBA Fab Air FAB AIR Kyrgyzstan
FCS Facts Air MEXFACTS Mexico
FAV Fair Aviation FAIRAVIA South Africa
FWD Fair Wind Air Charter FAIR WIND United Arab Emirates
FLS Fairlines FAIRLINE Netherlands
FFC Fairoaks Flight Centre FAIROAKS United Kingdom
FWY Fairways Corporation FAIRWAYS United States
FCN Falcon Air FALCON Sweden
FAR Falcon Air FALCAIR Slovenia
FAO Falcon Air Express PANTHER United States
FAU Falcon Airline FALCON AIRLINE Nigeria
IH Falcon Aviation Sweden
FVS Falcon Aviation Services FALCON AVIATION United Arab Emirates
FJC Falcon Jet Centre FALCONJET United Kingdom
FAW Falwell Aviation FALWELL United States
EF EFA Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Taiwan
FDL Farmingdale State University FARMINGDALE STATE United States
FAH Farnair Hungary BLUE STRIP Hungary
FRN Farnair Netherlands FARNED Netherlands
FAT Farnair Switzerland FARNER Switzerland
RAF Farnas Aviation Services FARNAS Sudan
HBL Faroecopter HELIBLUE Denmark
F6 RCK Faroejet ROCKROSE Faroe Islands
FRW Farwest Airlines FARWEST United States
F3 FSW Faso Airways FASO Burkina Faso
FHL Fast Helicopters FINDON United Kingdom
FAY Fayban Air Services FAYBAN AIR Nigeria
SKM Fayetteville Flying Service and Scheduled Skyways System SKYTEM United States
FDR Federal Air FEDAIR South Africa
FLL Federal Airlines FEDERAL AIRLINES Sweden
DCN Federal Armed Forces DIPLOMATIC CLEARANCE Germany
FRM Federal Armored Service FEDARM United States
NHK Federal Aviation Administration NIGHTHAWK United States
FX FDX Federal Express FEDEX United States
FNK Feniks Airline AURIKA Kazakhstan
FER Feria Aviacion FERIA Spain
N8 HGK Fika Salaama Airlines SALAAMA Uganda
4S FNC Finalair Congo FINALAIR CONGO Republic of the Congo
FAK Financial Airxpress FACTS United States
FBF Fine Airlines FINE AIR United States
FTR Finist'air FINISTAIR France
AY FIN Finnair FINNAIR Finland
FC WBA Finncomm Airlines WESTBIRD Finland
FNF Finnish Air Force FINNFORCE Finland
FY FFM Firefly FIREFLY Malaysia
7F FAB First Air Canada
JRF First Air Transport Japan
FCC First Cambodia Airlines FIRST CAMBODIA Cambodia
DP FCA First Choice Airways JETSET United Kingdom
MBL First City Air FIRST CITY United Kingdom
GGA First Flying Squadron JAWJA United States
FIR First Line Air FIRSTLINE AIR Sierra Leone
FTS First Sabre FIRST SABRE Mexico
8F FFR Fischer Air FISCHER Czech Republic
FFP Fischer Air Polska FLYING FISH Poland
FSX Flagship Express Services FLAG United States
FLE Flair Airlines FLAIR Canada
WAF Flamenco Airways FLAMENCO United States
FMR Flamingo Air FLAMINGO AIR United States
FLN Flamingo Air-Line ILIAS Kazakhstan
FSH Flash Airlines FLASH Egypt
BWY Fleet Requirements Air Direction Unit BROADWAY United Kingdom
FLR Fleetair FLEETAIR South Africa
FXY Flexair FLEXY Netherlands
FXT Flexflight Denmark
TUD Flight Alaska TUNDRA United States
FCK Flight Calibration Service NAV CHECKER Germany
FCV Flight Centre Victoria NAVAIR Canada
FCP Flight Corporation FLIGHTCORP New Zealand
FDP Flight Dispatch Services Poland
FLX Flight Express FLIGHT EXPRESS United States
CFI Flight Inspection Center of the General Administration of Civil Aviation in China CHINA JET China
LTS Flight Inspections and Systems SPECAIR Russia
IVJ Flight International INVADER JACK United States
MIT Flight Line MATCO United States
FOI Flight Ops International United States
OPT Flight Options OPTIONS United States
CLB Flight Precision Limited CALIBRATOR United Kingdom
FSL Flight Safety Limited FLIGHTSAFETY United Kingdom
FSU Flight Support Sweden Sweden
CCK Flight Trac CABLE CHECK United States
AYR Flight Training Europe CYGNET Spain
FWQ Flight West Airlines Australia
KLO Flight-Ops International KLONDIKE Canada
CSK Flightcraft CASCADE United States
FEX Flightexec FLIGHTEXEC Canada
B5 FLT Flightline FLIGHTLINE United Kingdom defunct
FPS Flightpass Limited FLIGHTPASS United Kingdom
FSR Flightstar Corporation FLIGHTSTAR United States
KDZ Flightworks KUDZU United States Avior Technologies Operations
FAZ Flint Aviation Services FLINT AIR United States
OJY Florida Air OHJAY United States
PA FCL Florida Coastal Airlines FLORIDA COASTAL United States
FFS Florida Department of Agriculture FORESTRY United States
FJS Florida Jet Service FLORIDAJET United States
RF FWL Florida West International Airways FLO WEST United States
FFG Flugdienst Fehlhaber WITCHCRAFT Germany
FLU Flugschule Basel YELLOW FLYER Switzerland
EZB Flugschule Eichenberger EICHENBURGER Switzerland
FWZ Flugwerkzeuge Aviation Software Austria
F2 FLM Fly Air FLY WORLD Turkey
FCT Fly CI Limited DEALER United Kingdom
FEE Fly Europa Limited FLY EURO United Kingdom
FXL Fly Excellent FLY EXCELLENT Sweden
NVJ Fly International Airways NOUVINTER Tunisia
FIL Fly Line FLYLINE Spain
SH FLY Fly Me Sweden FLYBIRD Sweden
IAD Fly Wex FLYWEX Italy
D7 XFA FlyAsianXpress FAX AIR Malaysia
TE LIL FlyLal LITHUANIA AIR Lithuania defunct
LF NDC FlyNordic NORDIC Sweden
F7 BBO Flybaboo BABOO Switzerland
BE BEE Flybe JERSEY United Kingdom
FCE Flycolumbia FLYCOLUMBIA Spain
FLO Flycom FLYCOM Slovenia
GVG Flygaktiebolaget Gota Vingar BLUECRAFT Sweden
B4 GSM Flyglobespan GLOBESPAN United Kingdom iata? Y2?
FPA Flygprestanda Sweden
ETS Flygtransporter I Nykoping EXTRANS Sweden
INU Flyguppdraget Backamo INSTRUCTOR Sweden
W3 FYH Flyhy Cargo Airlines FLY HIGH Thailand
FCR Flying Carpet Company FLYING CARPET Lebanon
FYG Flying Service FLYING GROUP Belgium
FGP Flying-Research Aerogeophysical Center FLYING CENTER Russia
FLK Flylink Express FLYLINK Spain
FTM Flyteam Aviation FLYTEAM United Kingdom
FKS Focus Air FOCUS United States Omega Air Holdings
FOP Fokker Netherlands Flight Operations
NOF Fonnafly FONNA Norway
FOB Ford Motor Company FORDAIR United Kingdom
VY FOS Formosa Airlines Taiwan defunct
FOR Formula One Management FORMULA United Kingdom
FHS Forth and Clyde Helicopter Services HELISCOT United Kingdom
FXC Fortunair Canada AIR FUTURE Canada
BN Forward Air International Airlines United States
FSA Foster Aviation FOSTER-AIR United States
JFY Foster Yeoman YEOMAN United Kingdom
FTE Fotografia F3 FOTOGRAFIA Spain
FIA Four Island Air ISLANDAIR Antigua and Barbuda
HK FSC Four Star Aviation / Four Star Cargo FOUR STAR United States Virgin Islands
WDS Four Winds Aviation WINDS United States
FXR Foxair WILDFOX Italy
FDO France Douanes FRENCH CUSTOM France
FH FHY Freebird Airlines FREEBIRD AIR Turkey
SJ FOM Freedom Air FREE AIR New Zealand
FP FRE Freedom Air FREEDOM United States Aviation Services
FFF Freedom Air Services INTER FREEDOM Nigeria
FRL Freedom Airlines FREEDOM AIR United States
FAS Freedom Airways FREEDOM AIRWAYS Cyprus
FWC Freeway Air FREEWAY Netherlands
FRG Freight Runners Express FREIGHT RUNNERS United States
FAF Force Aerienne Francaise FRENCH AIR FORCE France
FMY Aviation Legere De L'Armee De Terre FRENCH ARMY France
FNY France Marine Nationale FRENCH NAVY France
FRR Fresh Air FRESH AIR Nigeria
FAE Freshaer WILDGOOSE United Kingdom
FAL Friendship Air Alaska FRIENDSHIP United States
FLF Friendship Airlines FRIEND AIR Uganda
FGY Froggy Corporate Aviation Australia
F9 FFT Frontier Airlines FRONTIER FLIGHT United States
ITR Frontier Commuter OUT BACK United States
2F FTA Frontier Flying Service FRONTIER-AIR United States
FNG Frontier Guard FINNGUARD Finland
FUJ Fujairah Aviation Centre FUJAIRAH United Arab Emirates
CFJ Fujian Airlines FUJIAN China
GAX Full Express GRAND AIRE United States
FAM Fumigacion Aerea Andaluza FAASA Spain
FFY Fun Flying Thai Air Service FUN FLYING Thailand
ROG Fundació Rego REGO Spain
FUN Funtshi Aviation Service FUNTSHI Democratic Republic of the Congo
FGL Futura Gael Applewood Ireland defunct
FH FUA Futura International Airways FUTURA Spain defunct

* on IATA code indicates a controlled duplicate.

italics indicates a defunct airline.

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