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The following airports are located in the area around the San Francisco Bay, including the major cities of San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland, as well as surrounding communities. This list includes only public-use and/or government-owned airports in the eleven counties (the nine counties that border the bay, plus Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties) that make up the Census Bureau's San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, CA Combined Statistical Area, also known as the San Francisco Bay Area.


International airports

aerial view of SFO

The Bay Area has three major airports with airline service.

Federal airports

The following airports are operated by the federal government and are not open to the public. These airports have Class D airspace.

General Aviation towered airports

The following General Aviation airports have sufficient traffic volume to have an air traffic control tower. These airports have Class D airspace.

General Aviation non-towered airports

The following airports do not have control towers but are listed by their owners as open to the public. Pilots announce runway and airspace usage via direct radio contact. These airports have Class E airspace for those which have an FAA-published instrument approach procedure, or Class G airspace otherwise.

Notable historical airports

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