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Aiten Ryōō Monogatari
Genre Adventure, supernatural
Author Ryūsuke Mita
Publisher Kodansha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Afternoon
Original run January 1998June 1999
Volumes 2
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Aiten Ryōō Monogatari (愛天明王物語 ?, lit. The Tale of Aiten, Master of Underworld) is a manga series by Ryūsuke Mita. The manga was serialized in Afternoon from 1998 to 1999.

The Story

The story takes place in modern-day Tokyo. Kotono Mitsuyoshi is on the train when she sees a man being hurt by a mysterious person.[1] When she gets home, her parents tell her there is going to be a boy staying at their home. Then she meets a strange kid called Aiten, whose job is to judge those who sin.


Kotono Mitsuyoshi

The shy 15-year-old main character of Aiten Ryōō Monogatari.


The titular character. Aiten is part of a homestay program.

Chiaki Ogishima

A dark-skinned 16-year-old that is a major flirt and quite a lesbian bent. Chiaki spends a lot of time with someone called Miss Ohbara.

Miss Ohbara

A blonde girl who appears at first to be only Chiaki's underling, but later is revealed to be kinder and wiser. In the first chapter, Kotono meets Aiten, Ohbara-chan has a beauty-mark on her face, but it disappears afterwards.


A huge X-files fan. Probably can not tell the difference between fantasy and reality.


Kotono's young friend.


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