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Saikyō Line 205 series train at Ikebukuro in 2007
Akabane Line 103 series train in 1979

The Akabane Line (赤羽線 Akabane-sen ?) is a railway line of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in Tokyo, Japan. It connects Ikebukuro Station in Toshima and Akabane Station in Kita. Signs in the stations refer to the line as the Saikyō Line but the official name of this portion of the line is Akabane Line.



  • Length: 5.5 km
  • Gauge: 1,067 mm
  • Stations: 4 (including terminals)
  • Multi-track segments: Entire line
  • Electric segments: Entire line (1,500 V DC)


The line opened in 1885 as a segment of the Nippon Railway Shinagawa Line. That company was nationalized in 1906. Electric service began in 1909. The line used the name Akabane Line from 1972 - 1985, giving up the status as a branch of Yamanote Line. Freight service ended in 1999.

In 1985, the Akabane Line was absorbed into the new Saikyō Line (between Shinjuku and Ōmiya) together with the newly-built section of the Tōhoku Main Line (between Akabane and Ōmiya). The Akabane Line name disappeared from daily use from this time.


Station km Location
Ikebukuro Station 0.0 Toshima Tokyo
Itabashi Station 1.8 Itabashi
Jūjō Station 3.5 Kita
Akabane Station 5.5

All Saikyō Line trains, including rapid and commuter rapid services, stop at all four stations of the Akabane Line.

Rolling stock

The line uses 205 series and TWR 70-000 series 10-car electric multiple units.



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