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سورة البينة
Classification Madinah
Meaning of the name The Evidence
Sura number 98
Number of verses 8
Juz' number 30
Number of Rukus 1
Number of Sajdahs 0
Previous Sura Al-Qadr
Next Sura Az-Zalzala

Surat Al-Bayyina (Arabic: سورة البينة‎ ) (The Clear Proof, Evidence) is the 98th sura of the Qur'an with 8 ayat.


Period of Revelation

The place where this sura was revealed is disputed, with the majority believing that it was revealed at Medina. However, because it explains why God has sent a messenger, many have argued that it must be an earlier revelation from Mecca. Ibn Az Zubair and Ata bin Yasar hold the view that it is Medani. Ibn Abbas and Qatadah are reported to have hold the views, first that it is Makki, second that it is Medani. Hadhrat Aishah regards it as a Makki sura. Abu Hayyan, author of Bahr al-Muhit, and Abdul Munim ibn Al-Faras, author of Ahkam al-Quran, also have preferred to regard it as Makki. As for its contents, there is nothing in it to indicate whether it was revealed at Makka or at Madina.

Summary, Lines 1-8

The sura opens by condemning the polytheists of Arabia, as well as those amongst the People of the Book who had fallen into disbelief. However, they may be restored only by a "clear sign" from God who speaks holy and untainted words - the Prophet Muhammad bringing the Qur'an, which lays down proper laws and morality. The fifth ayat explains that all God asks of mankind is,

"To praise God by offering Him devotion being true, to pray the salat, and to give charity. And that is the Religion of Truth."

Those to cling to these simple truths will be offered the Gardens of Paradise, "underneath which rivers flow" as their prize; for God is pleased with them for being the best of possible creations. Those who turn away, however, shall meet the fires of Hell.

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Were not goint to disperse those who disbelieve among the people of the book and the polytheists until there came unto them the proof . A massenger from God recites pure scriptures . Therein contains correct books . And did not disperse the people who were given (former) books only thereafter came unto them the proof . And does not preach but to honestly worship God alone this is the way of true believers and to do prayer and give charity and this is the correct religion . Verily those who blaspheme from the people of the book and polytheists in hell fire abide forever they are the worst of creatures . Verily those who believe and do rightouse are the best of creatures . their reward from their lord is gardens of Eden underneath which the rivers flow . They abide immortal therein for ever content is God of them and they are content of him this is for him who concerns his lord .


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