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Coordinates: 33°06′N 44°35′E / 33.1°N 44.583°E / 33.1; 44.583

Al-Mada'in is located in Iraq
Location of Al-Mada'in, Iraq
Great arch of Taq-i Kisra, 1921

Al-Mada'in (Arabic المدائن "The cities", also known under the Aramaic name "Mahoze", or as "Madayn") is the name of an ancient urban complex along the Tigris, in present-day Iraq, that was the site of the cities of Seleucia and Ctesiphon, and was also referred to as Seleucia-Ctesiphon.

The site has received considerable interest from Archeologists since the eighteenth century; the most famous landmark there is the Taq-i Kisra.

Sites (excavation cites, ancient suburbs ...):

  • Seleucia
  • Ctesiphon (previously Opis), whose exact location is not confirmed
  • Coche (Also Choche)
  • Asbanbar (Also written Isbanir, Asbanabr, Aspanbar, Asfanur)
  • Veh Ardashir (Also Bahurasir)
  • Vologesocerta (Balashkert), founded by Vologases I of Parthia
  • al-Ma’aridh
  • Tell al-Dhaba’I
  • Tell Dhahab
  • Umm an Sa’atir

The site partially overlaps with the modern town of Salman Pak.

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