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Abu Ahmad ibn al-Muwaffaq al-Mutawakkil better known as Al-Muwaffaq (842-June 2, 891) was the brother and Regent of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mu'tamid. He assumed the leadership of the imperial administration in Baghdad in 875. Soon, he replaced the weak Al-Mu'tamid largely by ousting the government.

Under Al-Muwaffaq, the Abbasid Caliphate again stabilized. He put down the uprising in southern Iraq known as the Zanj Rebellion in 883. He increased control over the provinces and also fought the Tulunids of Syria vigorously.

Suffering increasingly from elephantiasis, his son Abu al-Ahmad Abbas Al-Mu'tadid took charge of government business from 889. After the death of Al-Muwaffaq on June 5, 891 CE, his offices were officially transferred to his son Al-Mu'tadid who would later succeed his uncle as Caliph Al-Mu'tadid (892-902).



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