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Al-Amiri, Abu Alhassan ; (Persian ابوالحسن عامرى) Al-Amiri, an Iranian philosopher, who spent most of his life in Khorasan province of Iran & died in Neyshabur, was the most prominent Muslim philosopher following the tradition of Kindi in Islamic Philosophy.

He was contemporary of Ibn Miskawayh & his friend, and lived in a half century between Al-Farabi & Ibn Sina.

He wanted to show the usefulness of philosophy in Islamic Theology & kalam, even they are complementary ways of reaching the truth.

His most famous book is al-a’alam be-manaqebe al-Islam (Expressing the benefits of Islam or بيان و عرضه ى مزاياى اسلام) being written in a clear & well-organized way for people. In this book he expressed that all different Isamic sciences such as kalam and Qanon(law) have the same equal value. Meanwhile he defended some non-religious sciences such as Mathematics & Geology and their benefits for human.

He can be seen as the last & best follower of Al-Kindi’s doctrine in the usefulness of Greek philosophy in Islamic sciences.


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