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Al shamie in Arabic الشامي means "someone who comes from (bilad alsham)بلاد الشام or the Alsham country or Region" (currently Damascus). There are large Al Shamie families living in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


There is historical evidence that the Al Shamie family surname originated from one source or person. For example, in Syria itself many villages and districts are home to the Al Shamie family, such as Harbnafsaحربنفسة, Alfhilih ألفحيلهTall alnaka تل الناقة, Homs city, Damascus, Hama city, and others.

The history of Al Shamie appeared to have started around 1850 when three brothers and sisters immigrated from Yemen - south of Saudi Arabia to the North - ( Bilad Al Sham بلاد الشام.) These three brothers have settled within Syria (Homs city).

Notable facts

The 2008 statistics show the Al Shamie family to contain approximately 5,000 adults and about 5,000 children. The oldest person from the Al Shamie family is Ahmed Alsayeed أحمد السعيد who is now over 100 years old. He lives in Al Manarah المنارة village (a small village on Om Sharshooh أم شرشوح junction just before Arrastan town 15km (10 miles) north of Homs city) Ahmed Alsaeed has many children and grand children (exceeding 100) and is still active. He has the capabilities to perform in such areas as agricultural work.


The Al Shamie family has now outgrown itself to host branches in England. A prime example of this being Dr. Faraj Al Shamie (فرج الشامي) whose immigration to England has furthered the expansion of the family name. Other examples of expansion consist of some Al Shamie family members having migrated to United States of America and Argentina.

The British-Yemen Society director is Sayyid Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al-Shamie (1924–2005) which indicates the presence of the Al Shamie surname in Yemen. Yemen's prime minister was also from the Al Shamie family.

Furthermore Ziad Abdul Karim from the Al Shamie family born in the United Arab Emirate, holder of Bachelor of business management from Hawaii (USA) is known to having won a lot of awards such as The US Humanitarian Award and Working at FedEx International .

Al Shamie has an international meaning to such as restaurant in London (al shamie at Oxford) and some specific food names share the Al Shamie name such as Shamie kebab

There are also Al Shamie family links in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Poland and others



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