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Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunderpussy in 2006
Background information
Origin Richmond, Virginia, United States
Genres Heavy metal, southern rock
Years active 1996–2008
Labels Man's Ruin, Relapse
Kyle Thomas
Erik Larson
Ryan Lake
Mikey Bryant
Bryan Cox
Former members
Johnny Throckmorton
Johnny Weils
Asechiah Bogdan
Bingo Tunnel
John Peters

Alabama Thunderpussy was a Southern metal band from Richmond, Virginia.



Bryan Cox, Erik Larson and Asechiah Bogdan founded ATP in 1996. Bill Storms and Johnny Throckmorton completed the lineup, and the band signed to Man's Ruin Records in 1998. They debuted with Rise Again later that year, and recorded River City Revival, released in 1999. 2000's Constellation and 2002's Staring at the Divine followed. Alabama Thunderpussy parted ways with Man's Ruin and singer Johnny Throckmorton later that year, signing to Relapse Records and hiring new frontman Johnny Weils. Weils performed vocals on the album Fulton Hill, released on May 25, 2004. By the time of the following (and as of this writing, ultimate) ATP album, Open Fire, Weils had been replaced by Kyle Thomas, formerly of New Orleans bands, Floodgate and Exhorder.

Members of ATP have appeared in many sideprojects. Larson has released two discs under his name, the most recent in 2005. Larson has also appeared in the side project Axehandle with Bryan Cox and Ryan Lake. Erik will also be appearing in another side project group Birds of Prey with a release being slated for July 25, 2006. Erik Larson was also the former drummer for AVAIL. Bryan Cox was a member of instrumental band Suzikiton and was on their one release, Service Repair Handbook. Former vocalist Johnny Throckmorton is now the vocalist for Richmond, Va based Before the Machine.

Open Fire, the band's latest CD was released March 6, 2007 on Relapse Records. Their newest album,Live at the Contamination Festival was also featured on the 2003 dvd from Relapse.


On September 4th, 2008 it was announced the band has broken up on good terms.

The following was posted to by guitarist Erik Larsen regarding the breakup:

"It’s been a very quiet 2008 from us here in ATP thus far. I know there has been speculation and uncertainty about exactly what the status of the band is, and our apologies go out to y’all for being MIA. Finally, I’m able to give you an update.

The beginning of 2008 brought yet more upheaval in the saga that is this band, when Kyle Thomas left the group to focus on his family and the impending Exhorder reunion. The remaining four of us had a band meeting and after serious discussion, decided to take a much deserved/needed few months hiatus to regroup and focus on home life and other individual projects.

The “few months” seemed to flow into a bit longer as the summer progressed and we all dug deeper into our lives as individuals outside of ATP. Well, we finally regrouped and after much deliberation and thoughtful discussion, we have decided to end the band.

There are no hard feelings between us and no bullshit politics. It’s pretty much just the end of an era. To quote George Harrison, all things must pass. And so after 12+ yrs of solid ATP mayhem, we call it a day.

We can’t thank all of you enough for the tireless and seemingly endless support and friendship we received from you over the years, it was really fucking amazing and appreciated more than you know. Each one of us are still very active and involved in creating music and art and we hope you will bless us with your continued support of our individual endeavors. So if you would, raise your drink of choice in our honor and toast to the future.

Erik/ATP 2008"[1]


Former members

  • Johnny Throckmorton - Vocals (1996-2002)
  • Johnny Weils - Vocals
  • Asechiah "Cleetus LeRoque" Bogden - Guitars
  • Sam Krivanec - Bass
  • John Peterfile - Bass



  • Rise Again (1998)
  • River City Revival (1999)
  • Constellation (2000)
  • Staring at the Divine (2002)
  • Fulton Hill (2004)
  • Open Fire (2007)
  • Live at the Contamination Festival 2008

Split albums


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