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The Alaska House of Representatives is the lower house in the Alaska Legislature, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Alaska. The House is composed of 40 members, each of whom represents a district of about 15,673 people (2000 figures). Members serve two-year terms without term limits. With 40 Representatives, the Alaskan House is the smallest state legislative lower house in the United States.

The House convenes at the State Capitol in Juneau.


Current composition

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 23 17 40 0
Begin 22 18 40 0
October 13, 2009[1] 17 39 1
October 27, 2009[2] 21 38 2
November 15, 2009[3] 18 39 1
November 24, 2009[4] 22 40 0
Latest voting share 55.0% 45.0%


The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus followed by confirmation of the full House through the passage of a House Resolution. In addition to presiding over the body, the Speaker is also the chief leadership position, and controls the flow of legislation and committee assignments. Other House leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses relative to their party's strength in the chamber.

The current Speaker is Republican Mike Chenault of District 34 (Nikiski). The Majority Leader is Kyle Johansen of District 1 (Ketchikan). The Minority Leader is Democrat Beth Kerttula of District 3 (Juneau).

Position Name Party Residence District
Speaker Mike Chenault Republican Nikiski 34
Majority Leader Kyle Johansen Republican Ketchikan 1
Minority Leader Beth Kerttula Democratic Juneau 3

Members of the 26th House of Representatives

Directory of the House of Representatives members in the State Capitol, August 2009
Alaska State House of Representatives
26th Alaska Legislature, 2009-2010[5]
District Name Party Location
1 Kyle Johansen Rep Ketchikan
2 Peggy Wilson Rep Wrangell
3 Beth Kerttula Dem Juneau
4 Cathy Muñoz Rep Juneau
5 Bill Thomas Rep Haines
6 Woodie Salmon Dem Beaver
7 Mike Kelly Rep Fairbanks
8 David Guttenberg Dem Fairbanks
9 Scott Kawasaki Dem Fairbanks
10 Jay Ramras Rep Fairbanks
11 Tammie Wilson Rep North Pole
12 John Harris Rep Valdez
13 Carl Gatto Rep Palmer
14 Wes Keller Rep Wasilla
15 Mark Neuman Rep Wasilla
16 Bill Stoltze Rep Chugiak/Mat-Su
17 Anna Fairclough Rep Eagle River
18 Nancy Dahlstrom Rep Anchorage
19 Pete Petersen Dem Anchorage
20 Max Gruenberg Dem Anchorage
21 Harry Crawford Dem Anchorage
22 Sharon Cissna Dem Anchorage
23 Les Gara Dem Anchorage
24 Berta Gardner Dem Anchorage
25 Mike Doogan Dem Anchorage
26 Lindsey Holmes Dem Anchorage
27 Bob Buch Dem Anchorage
28 Craig Johnson Rep Anchorage
29 Chris Tuck Dem Anchorage
30 Charisse Millett Rep Anchorage
31 Bob Lynn Rep Anchorage
32 Mike Hawker Rep Anchorage
33 Kurt Olson Rep Kenai
34 Mike Chenault Rep Nikiski
35 Paul Seaton Rep Homer
36 Alan Austerman Rep Kodiak
37 Bryce Edgmon Dem Dillingham
38 Bob Herron Dem Bethel
39 Neal Foster Dem Nome
40 Reggie Joule Dem Kotzebue

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  1. ^ Democrat Richard Foster (District 39) died
  2. ^ Republican John Coghill, Jr. (District 11) resigned after being appointed to the Senate
  3. ^ Democrat Neal Foster appointed to succeed Foster, his father.
  4. ^ Republican Tammie Wilson appointed to succeed Coghill.
  5. ^ Alaska Division of Elections. (2006-11-07). "State of Alaska - 2008 General Election: November 4, 2008, Official Results." Retrieved on 2009-02-01.

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