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Albanian Basketball League
Countries Albania Albania
Confederation FIBA
Founded 1946
Divisions A1 League and B2 League
Number of teams 12 ( six per division )
Levels on pyramid 1-2
Current champions Valbona (A1 League 2008-2009 and B2 League 2008-2009)
TV partners TVSH and Supersport (highlights)
Soccerball current event.svg Albanian Basketball League 2008-09

The Albanian Basketball League is a league competition featuring professional basketball clubs from Albania. It was founded in 1946 from the Albanian Basketball Association, several days after the latter was formed. It is the top level basketball league in Albanian from its foundation. The team with the most championships is FK Partizani with 32 championships.

The Albanian Basketball League consists of 12 professional basketball clubs in Albania and it's one of the oldest basketball competition in the Balkans having started in 1946. The sport rapidly grew in Albania and by the 70s almost every city and town had its own basketball club and basketball field. After the communism fell many of the basketball clubs folded as many players left the country to play for foreign teams. The basketball attendance decreased and the popularity of this sport fell down worryingly. However, after 1993 basketball rose up again with many cities re-establishing their teams. Now in Albania there are twelve professional teams while there are plenty of amateur teams ready to enter the league.


The members of the Albanian Basketball League are grouped in two divisions: A1 League and B2 League. Each division has six teams and they have to play four times against each other in two different phases during the regular season. In every phase a club plays each of the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents. This makes a total of 20 games played per season in the regular season.

After the regular season ends the top four clubs qualify for the play-offs, where the team placed first faces the one placed fourth while the second and the third placed teams play each other. From these encounters qualifies the team that gets first two victories while games are played once home, once away until the two victories are reached. The teams that win their encounters qualify for the finals which are played in the clubs respective grounds, the game will once be played home and once away, dependng on the draw. The team that gets first the three victories is crowned as champion.

Clubs that win get two ponits that the ones that lose get one point. At the end of the regular season the bottom two clubs miss the play-offs. The bottom club gets relegated while the fifth placed club will play the second placed of the B2 League. The team that wins the play-out has the right to play in A1 League.


These are the winners of the A1 League

Season The Football League
1946 17 Nëntori
1947 Ylli i Kuq Durres
1948 17 Nëntori
1949 17 Nëntori
1950 17 Nëntori
1951 B.C. Partizani Tirana
1952 B.C. Partizani Tirana
1953 B.C. Partizani Tirana
1954 B.C. Partizani Tirana


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