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Albanians in Montenegro constitute 5.03% of the county's total population. [1] They mainly live in South-Eastern Montenegro, in the region commonly known as Malesija as well as in the municipality of Ulcinj (Albanian: Ulqin).



In the municipality of Ulcinj, Albanians form the majority of population (72.14% according to 2003 census). A large Albanian community also exists in the Tuzi area within the Podgorica municipality (making up part of the cultural region known as Malesija). As of 2003, there were a total of 9,296 Albanians in Podgorica municipality, 2,300 of which live in Tuzi (the rest living in the rural area around Tuzi, to the North of Lake Scadar). There is also a significant presence of Albaniana in parts of Plav (2,719 or 19.7%)[citation needed] and Rožaje (1,008 or 4.44%), as well as in Bar (3,036 or 7.61%), Hoti, Gruda, Triesh, Koja, and Krajina.


The government of Montenegro provides Albanian-language education in the local primary and secondary schools. There are also some university-level courses in Podgorica offered in Albanian. Montenegrin Albanian culture in this region is closely related to the culture of Albanians in Albania, and the city of Shkodër in particular. Their Albanian language dialect is Gheg as of Albanians in Northern Albania. Predominant religions of Albanians in this region are Roman Catholic and Muslim.

Prominent individuals

  • Adnan Čirgić - Montenegrin linguist of Albanian origin
  • Senad Drešević - Montenegrin songwriter and musician of Albanian origin
  • Baca Kurti Gjokaj - Albanian nationalist
  • Enver Gjokaj - Albanian-American actor
  • Šerif Kajošević - Montenegrin partisan of Albanian origin
  • Ćazim Lekić - Montenegrin partisan of Albanian origin
  • Mahmut Lekić - Montenegrin partisan of Albanian origin
  • Ded Gjo Luli (1840-1915) one of the leading nationalists of the Albanian revolt against Turkey in the early 1900s. He is known for starting the revolution for Albanian Independence, along with Luigj Gurakuqi, Ismail Qemali, and Isa Boletini.
  • Nikollë Nikprelaj - Albanian singer

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