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Albert Eschenmoser
Born August 5, 1925
Erstfeld, Switzerland
Residence Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Fields organic chemistry
Institutions ETH Zurich
Alma mater ETH Zurich
Doctoral advisor Lavoslav Ružička

Albert Eschenmoser (born August 5, 1925) is a Swiss chemist working at the ETH Zurich and The Scripps Research Institute.

His work together with Lavoslav Ružička on terpenes and the postulation of squalene cyclization to form lanosterol improved the insight into steroid biosynthesis.[1]

In the early 1960s, Eschenmoser began work on what was the most complex natural product synthesized at the time - Vitamin B12. In a remarkable collaboration with his colleague Robert Burns Woodward in Harvard, a team of almost one hundred students and postdoctoral workers worked for many years on the synthesis of this molecule. The work was finally published in 1973, and it marked a landmark in the history of organic chemistry.

The Eschenmoser fragmentation and Eschenmoser's salt are named after him.



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Eschenmoser was awarded the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry from The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [1].


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