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Albert A. Nofi
Born 6 January 1944
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation Historian
Game developer
Nationality American
Subjects Military History
Official website

Albert A. Nofi (b. January 6, 1944), is an American military historian, and designer of board and computer wargaming systems.

A native of Brooklyn, he attended New York City public schools, graduating from the Boys' High School [1] in 1961. Nofi earned a BA (1965) and an MA (1967) from Fordham University, and a Ph.D. in Military History from the City University of New York in 1991.

From 1965 through 1995, Nofi was a teacher and later administrator in the New York City public schools. Working primariliy in alternative programs, such as the Harlem Preparatory School, Park East High School, and Unity High School, he retired as an assistant principal in 1995.

During this period he also built a parallel career as an independent historian, defense analyst, and wargame designer, working primarily with James F. Dunnigan, Redmond A. Simonsen, and David C. Isby at Simulations Publications (SPI). As research director for SPI and associate editor of the military historical simulations journal Strategy and Tactics for over a decade (1969-1982), he produced numerous articles and a number of wargames.

In addition to work for SPI, Nofi has authored, co-authored, or edited over 30 books on a wide variety of topics. Among his collaborators are Dunnigan, Bela Kiraly, Richard L. DiNardo, Kathleen Broome Williams, and others.

Nofi has lectured at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, the Smithsonian Institution, the Library and Archives Canada, the Admiral Nimitz State Historic Site, home of the National Museum of the Pacific War, the Air War College, the Command and Staff College of the Marine Corps University, a number of other colleges and universities, and numerous Civil War Round Tables and local historical societies.

In 1999 Nofi became a research analyst with the Center for Naval Analyses [2] (CNA), in Alexandria, Virginia, where he worked with game theorist Peter P. Perla. Nofi was the CNA field representative to the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group[3], in Newport, Rhode Is, from 2001 thorugh 2005, before returning to CNA until 2006.

For many years an Associate Fellow of the U.S. Civil War Center, a Director of the New York Military Affairs Symposium [4] since its formation, and a member of the Society for Military History and a number of other military and historical societies, Nofi is also a founding member of the American Italian Historical Association [5]

Nofi contributes regular columns on military history to North & South [6] magazine and StrategyPage [7].

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