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Alberta Municipal Affairs and Housing is a ministry of the Executive Council of Alberta. Its duties include coordination of government at the local level and ensuring the safety and self-reliance of Albertan communities.

As of December 2006, the Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing was Ray Danyluk.



The Municipal Affairs ministry was established on December 20, 1911, following the example set in Saskatchewan, with the purpose of implementing the new municipal legislation regarding incorporation of towns, villages, rural municipal districts, improvement districts and cities.[1] Legislation passes in 1968, such as the Municipal Government Act[2] and Local Authorities Election Act[3] further improved and consolidated the provision of local government in the province.

On December 15, 2006, the new ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing was created from Alberta Municipal Affairs and Seniors and Community Supports. Libraries, community and voluntary sector services, previously under the authority of Alberta Community Development, were amalgamated in the new ministry.

Ministry structure


Department of Alberta Municipal Affairs

The Department of Alberta Municipal Affairs includes "Local Government Services" and "Public Safety".

Local Government Services provide support, advice and other assistance to municipalities (Municipal Districts, Counties, Regional Municipalities). [4]

Branches of the service are:

Public Safety regards safe buildings, equipment and facilities and emergency response, regulated by the Safety Codes Act. [5]

Public Safety is comprised by:

  • Emergency Management Alberta
  • Fire Commissioner's Office.

Municipal Government Board

The Municipal Government Board is an independent Board that has jurisdiction granted by the Municipal Government Act. The Municipal Government Board exists to rule on matters such as appeals/complaints resulting from property assessments, intermunicipal disputes and annexation recommendations.


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