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During the 403/780 area code split in 1999, Telus decided to set up a series of test numbers called Alberta Terminating Test Lines in the 403 and 780 area codes. Since the split affected millions of landline/cellular customers, Telus thought that permissive phone numbers would be the best way to keep the information flowing between employees. There were two main types of Terminating Test Lines created during the 403/780 area code split: Lines to leave messages on other numbers, and numbers to receive messages on (which were similar to messageboards). The test lines set up in the messageboard format were used to wide dissemination of information relevant to a large group. Technicians could call up the messageboard lines and receive up-to-date information regarding the area code split in a pre-recorded format. The other type of test lines, the lines to leave messages on other numbers, were used gave Telus technicians the ability to call up a private number and leave detailed messages regarding any technical issues that may have arisen with 780 to 403 (and 403 to 780) long distance call routing.

The Last Terminating Test Line

The most notable of these particular test lines was +1 (780) 459-2325. When dialing this number, you would be greeted by an automated female voice; "You have reached an Alberta 780 Terminating Test Line", followed by an Octel system voice telling you that you either have messages waiting (which it then plays it for you), or it would say; "No messages are waiting. Please try again later. Thank you. Good-bye." Due to the ever-changing nature of the telephone system, this number, like many other terminating test lines, was recently changed (in early 2006). This particular number was the last known Alberta Terminating Test Line.

A large amount of these existed at one time in the 780 area code, but now many have been removed. They were toll-free from all areas during 1999.

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