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Alcathous (Ἀλκάθοος) was the name of several people in Greek mythology:

  • Alcathous, son of Pelops, killed the Cithaeronian lion.
  • Alcathous, son of Aesyetes, husband of Hippodameia, the daughter of Anchises and sister of Aeneas, who was educated in the house of Alcathous.[1] In the Trojan War, he was one of the Trojan leaders, and was one of the handsomest and bravest among them.[2] He was slain by the Cretan king Idomeneus with the assistance of Poseidon, who struck Alcathous with blindness and paralyzed his limbs so that he could not flee.[3]
  • Alcathous, son of Porthaon and Euryte, daughter of Hippodamas.[4] He was killed by Tydeus, the son of Oeneus, Alcathous' brother.[5] In another story, he was instead killed by Oenemaus, being one of the unsuccessful suitors of Hippodamia.[6]
  • Alcathous, one of the companions of Aeneas. He was killed by Caedicus, one of the warriors of Turner.
  • Alcathous, one the guardians of Thebes. He was killed by Amphiaraus.[7]
  • Alcathous, a Trojan warrior, killed by Achilles in the Trojan War.[8]
  • Alcathous, another, otherwise unknown personage of this name is mentioned by Virgil.[9]


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