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Alcoholic Dr Pepper
Type Beer cocktail
Primary alcohol by volume
Served Neat; undiluted and without ice
Standard drinkware A pub glass and a shot glass.
Pint Glass (Pub).svg
Shot Glass (Standard).svg
Commonly used ingredients
  • Half pint of beer
  • Half a pint of cola
  • One shot amaretto
Preparation Pour the lager in first (to avoid frothing) then the cola on top. Drop the shot glass of amaretto in, when it hits the bottom of the glass, drink. Usually drunk in one go.

An Alcoholic Dr Pepper, also known as a Dr Pepper Shandy, is a beer cocktail.

It does not actually contain any Dr Pepper. Instead, as with the Cheeky Vimto, it combines alcoholic drinks that give a flavour similar to the soft drink.


Served in a pint glass, it comprises half a pint of lager and a third to half a pint of cola. A shot glass of amaretto is dropped into the glass as a 'depth charge'[1].


There is a variant known as the Flaming Dr Pepper. This is made from lager and a shot, without any cola. The shot glass is three-quarters filled with Amaretto, and a quarter high-proof liquor. The shot is then set on fire and dropped into a glass half-filled with beer.

There is also a variant known as the 'Chronic Alcoholic Dr Pepper'. This replaces the normal lager (4% or 5% alcohol) with a super-strength variety such as Carlsberg Special Brew or Tennent's Super (around 9% alcohol).


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