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Alexander the Great
Gender Male
Meaning "Defender of Man"
Origin Greek
Popularity Popular names page

Alexander is a common male first name.



Etymologically, the name is a compound of the Greek verb ἀλέξω (alexō) "protector of men", "to push back", "to hold off" and the noun ἀνδρός (andros), genitive of ἀνήρ (anēr) "man". It is an example of the widespread motif of Greek (or Indo-European more generally) names expressing "battle-prowess", in this case the ability to withstand or push back an enemy battle line.

The earliest attested record of the name is the Mycenaean Greek of the feminine Alexandra, written in Linear B.[1][2]

The name was one of the titles ("epithets") given to the Greek goddess Hera and as such is usually taken to mean "one who comes to save warriors". In the Iliad, the character Paris is known also as Alexander. The name's popularity was spread throughout the Greek world by the military conquests of King Alexander III, commonly known as "Alexander the Great". Most later Alexanders in various countries were directly or indirectly named for him.

Variants and diminutives

  • Albanian – Aleksandër, hi, Leka, Lekë, Sandër, Skënder, Leksi, Leks, Aleko, Lisandër
  • Amharic – እስከንደር (Eskender)
  • Arabic – الاسكندر / اسكندر (Iskandar)
  • Aragonese – Alexandre, Alixandre
  • Armenian – Ալեքսանդր (Aleksandr/Alexandr), Ալեքսան (Aleksan/Alexan), Ալեք (Aleq), Ալիկ (Alik)
  • Asturian – Alexandru
  • Azerbaijani – İsgəndər (Isgandar)
  • BanglaSikandar Alakshendra, Iskandar, Skandar, Alekzandar
  • Bashkir – Искәндәр (Iskәndәr)
  • Basque – Alesander
  • Belarusian – Аляксандp (Aliaksandr, in normative spelling), Аляксандаp (Alaksandar, in Taraškievica spelling), Алeсь (Aleś)
  • Bosnian – Aleksandar
  • Bulgarian – Александър (Aleksandar), Сашо (Sasho), Aлекс (Aleks)
  • Catalan – Alexandre, Àlex, Xandre
  • Chinese – 亞歷山大 (Yalishanda)
  • Corsican – Lisandru
  • Croatian – Aleksandar, Saša, Aco, Aleksandra (feminine)
  • Czech – Alexandr
  • Danish – Alexander, Alex, Alexandra (feminine)
  • Dutch – Alexander, Alex, Lex, Sander, Xander
  • Estonian – Aleksander, Sander
  • Ethiopian – Eskender
  • English – Alexander, Alec, Alex, Alan, Ali, Al, Andy, Alexis, Alexa (feminine), Alexandria (feminine), Alexandra (feminine), Lex, Lexxi, Sandra (feminine), Sandy, Sasha (feminine), Xander, Xandra (feminine), Zandra (feminine), Zander
  • Esperanto – Aleksandro, Aleksaĉjo, Aleĉjo, Aĉjo, Alekso, Aleksandra (feminine), Aleksino (feminine), Aleksanjo (feminine), Anjo (feminine)
  • Extremaduran – Alejandru
  • Faroese – Aleksandur
  • French – Alexandre, Alexis, Alex
  • Finnish – Aleksanteri, Santeri, Santtu
  • Galician – Alexandre, Álex
  • Georgian/ქართულად – ალექსანდრე (Alexandré),(Aleksandre) ალეკო (Aleko), ლექსო (Lexo).
  • German – Alexander, Alex, Alexandrine (feminine), Alexandra (female), Sascha, Sander
  • Greek – Αλέξανδρος (Aléxandros)
  • Hebrew – אלכסנדר (Alexander), אלכס (Alex)
  • Hindi – Hindustani – Sikandar Alakshendra अलक्षेन्द्र
  • Hungarian – Sándor
  • Indonesian – Iskandar
  • Icelandic – Alexander, Alex, Alexis, Axel, Alexandra (feminine)
  • Interlingua – Alexandro
  • Irish (Gaeilge) – Alasandar, Alastar, Alsander
  • Italian – Alessandro, Ale, Sandro, Alessio, Aleandro
  • Japanese – アレキサンダー (Alexander), アレックス (Arekusu), アレクサンドロス (Arekusandorosu)
  • Javanese – Alexander, Iskandar
  • Kazakh – Eskendir
  • Korean – 알렉산드로스 (Alleksandeuroseu), (알렉산드로스 대왕 Alleksandeuroseu Daewang means Alexander the Great)
  • Kurdish – Askander, Eskander, Îskenderê
  • Kyrgyz – Искендер (İskender)
  • Latvian – Aleksandrs (Aleksandrs)
  • Latin – Alexander, Alexandrus
  • Lithuanian– Aleksandras
  • Lombard – Lisander
  • Macedonian – Александар (Aleksandar), Алек (Alek), Аце (Atse), Ацо (Atso), Сашо (Sasho)
  • Malay – Iskandar
  • Malayalam – ചാണ്ടി (Chandy)
  • Maltese – Lixandru
  • Mandarin Chinese - Yalishanda or Alishanda
  • Manx – Alastar, Alister
  • Mirandese – Alxandre
  • Norwegian – Aleksander
  • Occiadental – Alexandro
  • Occitan – Alexandre
  • Persian – اسكندر (Eskandar) or اسکندر گجسته (Eskandare Gojaste)
  • Polish – Aleksander, Alek, Olek, Aleks
  • Portuguese – Alexandre, Alexandra (feminine), Alexandro (rare), Alex, Sandro, Sandra (feminine), Alessandro, Alessandra (feminine)
  • Romanian — Alexandru, Alexandra (feminine), Alex, Sandu, Sanda (feminine), Sandra (feminine), Alecu, Aleca (feminine), Sasa (feminine)
  • Russian — Александр (Aleksandr), Александра (Aleksandra, feminine), Саша (Sasha), Сашка (Sashka), Сашок (Sashok), Сашкин (Sashkin), Шура (Shura), Шурик (Shurik), Саня (Sanya), Санька (San'ka), Санёк (Sanyok), Алик (Alik)
  • Sanskrit language – Alekchendra
  • Scots Gaelic – Alasdair, Alastair, Alistair, Alisdair, Aldair
  • Serbian – Александар (Aleksandar), Алекса (Aleksa), Алекс (Aleks), Саша (Saša), Сале (Sale), Аца (Aca), Александра (Aleksandra, feminine)
  • Sicilian – Alissandru
  • Old Church Slavonic – Алєѯандръ (Aleksandr, Alexandr)
  • Slovak – Alexander
  • Slovene – Aleksander, Aleks, Sandi, Sašo
  • Spanish – Alejandro, Alejo, Alex, Jandro, Jano,, Lisandro/a, Alejandra (feminine)
  • Swedish – Alexander, Alex, Alexandra (feminine)
  • Tamil – Aleksandar
  • Thai – อเล็กซานเดอร์ (Aleksāndə̄[r] (Aleksandar))
  • Turkish – İskender
  • Ukrainian — Олександр (Olexandr, Oleksandr), Олекса (Oleksa, Olexa), Сашко (Sashko), Олесь (Oles')
  • Urdu – Pakistani – سکندر (Sikandar)
  • Uzbek – Iskandar
  • Venetian – Alessandro
  • Vietnamese – Alêchxăngđrơ
  • Võro – Aleksandri
  • Welsh – Alecsander
  • West Frisian – Aleksander
  • Yiddish – סענדער – Sender, Senderl

Alexander as a given name


Middle Ages



Religious leaders

Other people

Several other princes have borne the name Alexander:

Fictional people with the name Alexander

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  2. ^ The Mycenaean World, John Chadwick, New York: Cambridge University Press, 1976, 1999

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Proper noun




  1. A diminutive of the male given name Alexander.


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