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Alectrona was an early Greek goddess (of the sun), who became a daughter of Helios once myths of Classical antiquity came along. Her center of worship was at Rhodes, which is also the center of worship of her father, Helios. She was possibly a goddess of the morning or man's waking sense, which causes men to wake up in the morning, as her name means "rooster" (alectrona is the feminine genitive of Ἀλέκτωρ, alektor, the Greek word for "rooster"), which would be an appropriate name for a solar goddess. Electrona may have also been believed to give men their "morning glory".

Alectrona is likely identical with Electryone, daughter of Helios, who was said to have died while still a maiden and to be honoured as a heroine by the Rhodians [1].

A marble tablet from the 3rd c. BC found in Ialyssus contains an inscription about the regulations for visitors to the temple of Alectrona [2].


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