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Aleksandar Belov
Birth name Aleksandar Belov
Born February 7, 1987 (1987-02-07) (age 23)
Negotino, Socialist Republic of Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer
Years active 2008 — present
Labels Emotion Production

Aleksandar Belov (born 7 February 1987) is a Macedonian singer, best known for his participation in the former Yugoslav Star Academy called Operacija trijumf. He was the favorite during the whole show, and among 13 gala nights he was chosen for the student with most votes, but in the end he finished as a second runner-up. Aleksandar Belov participated in the Macedonian Eurovision song contest in February.



Aleksandar Belov was born in Macedonian Negotino. He finished primary musical school in Negotino where he learned to play the violin. He continued his musical education in Bitola. Belov plays the violin and the flute. In 2003, when he was 16, he participated in a teen festival called "Megabit" in Bitola with the song "Solzi i taga (Tears and Sadness)". In his teenage career he recorded several songs: "Rana (Wound)", " Sedumnaeset (Seventeen)" etc. Although he obviously was musically talented, he wasn't very successful so he did other jobs, but he still didn't neglect music and he played with his band in clubs all over Macedonia. Most of the time he worked in betting offices in Macedonia. In 2008 he decided to change his way of life and begin working with music, so he applied as a candidate for the show Operacija trijumf.

Operacija trijumf

Aleksandar applied for the show Operacija trijumf and, luckily, he was chosen. He was one of the sixteen candidates chosen on the node gala night, due to his and Karolina Goceva's brilliant interpretation of her song "Se lazam sebe (Lying to myself)", which was a dream come true for him. During the other gala nights he was honored to sing with some other major stars of the Balkan music scene. He was chosen as a crowd favourite in 13 out of 13 gala nights. However he did not win in the end, and he became the second runner-up. The scandal made by the Croatian Nova TV put a big shadow of disgrace over the show. Namely,Nina Petković's voting number (the Montenegrin contestant in the show) was written both for hers and Aleksandar's name. Thus, all of the votes sent to him from the Croatian audience (which should not be underestimated because a great number of his supporters are from Croatia) went to Nina. After the show, Aleksandar made jokes about this saying that he would have given her those votes himself. Although he did not win, a large audience from all the parts of former Yugoslavia believes that this charismatic young man will have a successful career.



Gala night Performer/s Song Date Original Performer
Gala night 1 Aleksandar Belov & Karolina Gočeva Se Lažam Sebe (I am lying to myself) 29 Sep 2008 Karolina Gočeva
Gala night 2 Aleksandar Belov & Milica Majstorović Čija si (Who do you belong to?) 6 Oct 2008 Toše Proeski
Gala night 3 Aleksandar Belov & Adnan Babajić Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi bosanac (That's the way the things are, baby, when you're kissed by a Bosnian guy) 13 Oct 2008 Bijelo dugme
Gala night 4 Aleksandar Belov & Željko Samardžić Ljubavnik (Lover) 20 Oct 2008 Željko Samardžić
Gala night 5 Aleksandar Belov & Boris Novković Tamara (Tamara) 27 Oct 2008 Boris Novković
Gala night 6 Aleksandar Belov & Marina Perazić Voli me još ovu noć (Love me one more night) 3 Nov 2008 Denis & Denis
Gala night 7 Aleksandar Belov & Dado Topić Makedonija (Macedonia) 10 Nov 2008 Dado Topić
Gala night 8 Aleksandar Belov Pjesmo moja (My song) 17 Nov 2008 Zdravko Čolić
Gala night 9 Aleksandar Belov Vertigo 24 Nov 2008 U2
Gala night 10 Aleksandar Belov & Emina Jahović Još ti se nadam (I still have hope about you) 8 Dec 2008 Emina Jahović
Gala night 11 Aleksandar Belov & Adnan Babajić Ima neka tajna veza (There is a secret bond) 15 Dec 2008 Bijelo dugme
Gala night 11 Aleksandar Belov Tajno moja (My secret) 15 Dec 2008 Toše Proeski
Gala night 12 Aleksandar Belov & Nina Petković Džuli (Julie)/Karma Chameleon 22 Dec 2008 Danijel Popović/Culture Club
Gala night 12 Aleksandar Belov & Goran Karan Kad zaspu anđeli (Ostani) 22 Dec 2008 Goran Karan
Gala night 13 Aleksandar Belov & Adnan Babajić Skopje 29 Dec 2008 Leb i sol
Gala night 13 Aleksandar Belov & Sakis Rouvas Shake It 29 Dec 2008 Sakis Rouvas
Gala night 14 Aleksandar Belov Ti si mi u krvi (You are in my blood) 04 Jan 2009 Zdravko Čolić
Gala night 14 Aleksandar Belov & Yu Grupa Kao mornar (Like a mariner) 04 Jan 2009 Yu Grupa
Gala night 15 Aleksandar Belov Krasiva (Beautiful) 05 Jan 2009 Zdravko Čolić
Gala night 15 Aleksandar Belov Tamara 05 Jan 2009 Boris Novković

Skopje Fest 2009

After the end of the show Operacija trijumf, Aleksandar applied for the Macedonian Eurovision song contest in 2009. The song "Zastani, solzi izbrisi (Stop, Wipe your tears)" was chosen for him by the Emotion production and was made by the famous Macedonian composer Grigor Koprov. Although he finished the competition as 8th overall his song became very popular. The audience showed great admiration and support for this young man after the three humanitarian concerts which he participated in. On 28 February, Aleksandar Belov received the 2008 Bubamara best newcomer award.

Personal life

When he was asked after the finals of Operacija trijumf what he missed the most, Aleksandar replied: "My freedom, freedom to go wherever and whenever I want to, and, of course, my niece, whom I cherish the most.". Being asked about girls, who are always around this handsome young man, Aleksandar said that at this moment, the career takes the first place in his life and that there will always be time for love. "Of course, there are always several girls in my life!" he added with a recognizable smile on his face. This smile was his response to every difficult situation and each attempt of provocation made by any other student at the Academy. He didn't argue with anybody and, one of the main reasons for his success in this show, besides his beautiful voice and magnificent appearance on the stage, his kindness and charisma, is his good behaviour. He loved all the songs he was supposed to sing, he didn't have any objections, he sang in Macedonian only two times, and every time he gave his best. During this show, Aleksandar Belov succeeded in gathering around him young girls and "ladies of a certain age", women and men, children and grandmas. And he still does...




  • 2008: "Te baram pak" (The song was recorded before the beginning of Operacija trijumf)
  • 2009: "Zamisli"
  • 2009: "Zastani, solzi izbrisi"
  • 2009: "Zvezdo sjajna "
  • 2009: "Nema podobro nesto"
  • 2009: "Poslednja misao moja"

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