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Aleksandr Fyodorovich Rittikh or Alexander Rittich (Russian: Александр Фёдорович Риттих) (1831 — 1914?) was an Imperial Russian general, cartographer, ethnographer and journalist, adherent of the Panslavism. Father of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Rittikh.[1]


  • "Atlas of population of the West Russian region of confessions" 1862-1864
  • "The ethnographic map of the Slavic peoples" (St. Petersburg, 1874),
  • "Ethnographic Map of European Russia" (St. Petersburg, 1875),
  • "The ethnographic map of the Caucasus" (St. Petersburg, 1875),
  • "Slavic world" (text and 42 maps, Warsaw, 1885),
  • "Materials for the Ethnography of the Kingdom of Poland: Lublin province, and the August" (St. Petersburg, 1864),
  • "Materials for the Ethnography of Russia: Kazan Province" (Kazan, 1870),
  • "Materials for the Ethnography of Russia: the Baltic Region" (St. Petersburg, 1875),
  • "Austria-Hungary, the overall statistics" (St. Petersburg, 1874),
  • "Apercu general des travaux ethnographiques en Russie pendant les trente dernieres annees" (Kharkov, 1878),
  • "The numerical ratio of the sexes in Russia" (Kharkiv, 1879),
  • "Ethnographic sketch of the Kharkov province" (Kharkiv, 1879),
  • "Removal" (Kharkiv, 1882),
  • "The Jewish question in Kharkov" (Kharkiv, 1882),
  • "Ce que vaut la Russie pour la France" (Paris, 1887)
  • "The Russian military life" (St. Petersburg, 1893)
  • "Russian trade and navigation in the Baltic Sea" (St. Petersburg, 1896)
  • "The Slavs in the Varangian Sea" (St. Petersburg, 1897)
  • "Czechia and Czechs" (St. Petersburg, 1897)
  • "Current issues of nobility" (St. Petersburg, 1897)
  • "French-Slavic Congress in Paris in 1900" (St. Petersburg, 1899)
  • "Eastern Question" (political-ethnographic essay, St. Petersburg, 1898)
  • "Four lectures on Russian Ethnography" (St. Petersburg, 1895)




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