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Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A.
Type Private Subsidiary
Founded 1990
Headquarters Rome, Italy
Number of locations Pomigliano, Turin, Venice, Varese, Grottaglie
Industry Aerospace and defence
Products Combat and Defense Aircraft
Trainer Aircraft (Alenia Aermacchi)
Military Air Lifters
Patrol Aircraft
Regional Turboprop (ATR)
Regional Turbofan (Superjet-100)
Services Aero structures
Overhaul and Modifications (Alenia Aeronavali)
Revenue 2.53 billion (FY2008)
Profit € 250 million
Owner(s) Finmeccanica
Employees 13,910
Parent Finmeccanica
Divisions Alenia Aermacchi
Alenia Aeronavali
Alenia Composite
Alenia SIA
Subsidiaries ATR
Alenia North America

Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica subsidiary, is a European aerospace company from Italy. Its subsidiaries include Alenia Aermacchi and Alenia Aeronavali. In an equal-share joint venture with EADS, Alenia Aeronautica owns ATR.



Alenia Aeronautica was created in 1990 by concentrating the Finmeccanica aerospace and defense industries Aeritalia and Selenia.

Alenia is endowed with the rich heritage of over 12,000 aircraft designed, built and maintained by its predecessor companies, which more famous names including Aeritalia, Fiat and Romeo. Airplane manufacture in the Turin area began in 1910 with SIT and continued with Pomilio and Ansaldo, which built the SVA reconnaissance biplane. The industry was consolidated by Fiat after the First World War. Under chief designers Celestino Rosatelli and Giuseppe Gabrielli, Fiat built some of the most iconic Italian designs including the CR.32 and CR.42 biplanes, the G.55 fighter and the G.91 family of light attack and trainer jets. The Naples plants trace their history to Nicola Romeo. Widely remembered for his role in Alfa sports car business, in 1917 Romeo founded an airplane manufacturer in Naples. The company was later absorbed by Breda. Its Ro.41 biplane was the standard Italian advanced trainer throughout World War II.

After the war it came under Finmeccanica as Aerfer and built the Sagittario II, the first Italian supersonic aircraft, designed by Sergio Stefanutti. In 1966 it entered the aerostructures business producing DC-9 fuselage panels. Aerfer and Fiat merged their aircraft businesses in 1969 to create Aeritalia. The concentration led to milestone programs such as the European attack aircraft Tornado, the ATR family and the AMX. Aeritalia was also a partner in the Boeing 767 since its inception and played a key role in the creation of the Italian space industry. Created in 1990, Alenia was immediately associated with Eurofighter and other advanced programs. The present Alenia Aeronautica was incorporated in 2002, when Finmeccanica spun off its divisions as independent companies.

Alenia's C-27J was selected by the US Defense Department as its Joint Cargo Aircraft,[1] and the C-27J team was awarded a contract worth US$2.04 billion for 78 C-27Js in June 2007.[2]

Company ownership

The company, fully owned by Finmeccanica, an Italian conglomerate. Finmeccanica is the second largest industrial group and the largest of the hi-tech industrial groups based in Italy. It works in the fields of defence, aerospace, security, automation, transport and energy. The company has offices in over 100 countries and a turnover in excess of 19 Billion Euros.


The Business Line is Divided mainly into 8 BSUs

  • Combat and Defense Aircraft
  • Trainer Aircrafts (Alenia Aermacchi)
  • Military Air Lifters
  • Patrol Aircraft
  • Aero structures
  • Regional Turboprop(ATR)
  • Regional Turbofan (Superjet 100)
  • Overhaul and Modifications (Alenia Aeronavali)

Products/projects description


Typhoon f2 zj910 arp.jpg

Single and two-seater, twin turbofan engine, supersonic fighter, optimized for air superiority with air to ground capability. The aircraft is characterized by artificial stability for agile maneuverability, carefree handling, and low frontal radar cross-section.

Partners (production)

Company work share

Left hand wing; Rear fuselage;
Under wing pylons; Systems
Navigation; Armament control & carriage; Utility control; Propulsion


F-35 at Edwards (Cropped).jpg

Alenia Aeronautica, as national leader for the F-35/JSF airframe according to a MoU signed with Lockheed Martin, is participating to the development and will build the complete wing of this advanced aircraft as a second source.

Moreover, Alenia Aeronautica is candidate in Italy for the final assembly line of the Italian and Dutch JSFs, and for the creation of an integrated support center.

SKY Family UAS Technology Demonstrator

Alenia Aeronautica is active in the Unmanned Aerial Systems segment through its participation in several national and international programs.

The company in 2003 decided autonomously to launch the realization of an Unmanned Aerial System for supporting its Research activities and Technology demonstrations in this field. The experimental aircraft, named Sky-X, guarantees performances similar to those of a subsonic fighter.

The Sky-Y MALE Technology Demonstrator is a dedicated platform for validating several key enabling technologies for a surveillance Unmanned Aerial System in either a military and civil operational scenario. The Sky-Y is the system testbed for the Alenia Aeronautica MALE product, named Molynx, now in early development. Its characteristics are: innovative carbon fiber composite construction, heavy fuel/JP-8 engine (automotive diesel derivative), advanced datalinks, surveillance sensor integration (EO/IR, Hyperspectral, Synthetic Aperture Radar) and relevant data treatment, Modeling on, fusion and distribution.

C-27 J Spartan

Alenia C-27J (Pratica di Mare) edit1.jpg

The C-27J provides unique performance in tactical transport missions under the most severe conditions, giving access to a wide range of airfields, including short unprepared strips, due to its excellent performance and autonomous operation capabilities.

The C-27J presented by the C-27J team – composed by Alenia North America, L-3 Communications, and Global Military Aircraft Systems – has been selected in 2007 as the winner of the Joint Cargo Aircraft program for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force.

SuperJet International

Superjet International is responsible for marketing, sales and deliveries to the western market and customer services worldwide for the Sukhoi Superjet regional aircraft family.

ATR Family

Cebu Pacific ATR-72 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Twin turboprop regional transport aircraft designed and manufactured by the Company in a 50/50 joint venture with EADS. ATR42 (42-50 seats) and ATR72 (64-74 seats) are the two models. The ATR42-600 is the most recent evolution of the family, offering improved performance and quieter cabin. More than 120 customers in 70 countries world wide.

Alenia Aeronautica manufactures the fully equipped fuselage, Vertical fin, Rudder, Horizontal empennages with related systems.


Quadrics is a wholly owned Alenia Aeronautica company that develops and supplies hardware and software for High Performance Computing. Quadrics' products are QsNet, a proprietary interconnect used in the some of the fastest supercomputers in the world and QsTenG, a range of switches based on 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard.

Upgrading activities


Alenia Aeronautica supports this rugged twin-turboprop, in service in nine countries including Italy and the United States. The 100-aircraft production run included dedicated calibration, SIGINT and EW variants.


Alenia Aeronautica supports the Italian Air Force fleet, including the mid-life update program. A Tornado partner with EADS and BAE SYSTEMS since program inception, Alenia Aeronautica built the variable-geometry wings for the entire production run and assembled 99 machines for Italy, some of which later upgraded to Italian ECR standard.


Single-engine light attack and reconnaissance aircraft, also available as two-seat advanced trainer. Alenia Aeronautica was co-prime contractor and built all fuselage center-sections and managed the Italian assembly lines. Including its Alenia Aermacchi subsidiary, Alenia holds 70.3% of the program, while Embraer has 29.7%.

Aero Structures

The highly integrated and automated plants are world class facilities that offers customers including Boeing, Airbus and Dassault an excellent combination of quality, speed and cost. Using metal bonding and other advanced technologies, Pomigliano d’Arco assembles primary aerostructures and fully equipped fuselages for Alenia, ATR and other customers. Its facilities include aircraft systems and structural test labs.


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