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  • This is a list of characters who have appeared on Degrassi: The Next Generation.



  • The following characters have all appeared in the opening sequence of Degrassi: The Next Generation as a "regular".
  • The season(s) they appear as "recurring" means they weren't featured in the credits, yet still star in the season frequently.
  • The season(s) they appear as "guest" means they were starring in no more than two episodes.
Name Actor Seasons Featured
Alexandra "Alex" Nuñez Deanna Casaluce 3-4 (recurring); 5-6 (regular); 7 (guest appearance)
Originally, she was poor, violent, came from an awful home life, and was considered to be an outcast. She was at first a tough female at Degrassi who hung out with the likes of Jay Hogart and Sean Cameron, but then her exterior softened as she befriended Ellie, Marco, and other students, and eventually began a rocky lesbian relationship with Paige Michalchuk in Season 5. In Season 6, goes back to Degrassi after graduating, to receive more credits. She becomes a stripper as a form of income for her household when her mom and her are at threat of being evicted. Her mom uses the money to bail her boyfriend out of jail who was the cause of the possible eviction. She later gives it up, for Paige and herself. Then rooms with Paige, Marco, and Ellie, and is kicked out by Paige after almost ruining her fashion internship. Alex is last seen going to stay with her aunt.
Alliah "Alli" Bhandari Melinda Shankar 8-present (regular)
Alli is Sav's younger sister. She is beginning to rebel against her conservative Muslim upbringing and usually goes out of her way to upset her brother. She has a crush on Johnny and asks him out, but is rejected because she's only in the ninth grade. They start going out secretly but their cover is blown by Holly J. This resultes in Johnny breaking up with her and Alli making an "I hate Holly J" group that got her in trouble with her parents and the police. However, they eventually form a relationship and end up having sex. She then breaks up with him, unwilling to have sex again but gets back together with him after talking with him after urgings from Claire. Both her and Johnny decide to wait until they're ready to try again. She is spat on and pushed by Connor who is found to have mild Asperger syndrome. She also breaks Clare out of her shell, which results in Alli's jealousy of Clare's new-found outer beauty. In 'Heart Of Glass,' Alli loses her virginity with Johnny DiMarco and, though not known immediately, he loses his to her. Still dating in season 9, they break up after Johnny sends picters of her naked to Bruce. It is later revealed he has genital warts.
Anya MacPherson Samantha Munro 7 (recurring) 8-present (regular)
Anya was the best friend of Holly J. and often complied in whatever Holly J. told her to do. After Mia tries to make Anya see what a bad friend Holly J. is, Anya disagrees. Anya, however, sees the truth and ends the friendship between Holly J. In season 8, her relationship between her boyfriend, Sav, gets serious but they break up because of Sav's family's beliefs. When she breaks up with him, Riley asks her out thinking she can be his ticket to being straight. She then reveals she’s still in love with Sav but won't date him because of his family. Sav brings her to dinner with her parents and his parents disapprove but he finally stands up for her they get back together. She’s a member of the Power Squad, and is now close friends with Mia. In season 9 she starts LARPing as she gets bored with watching Sav rehearse.
Ashley Kerwin Melissa McIntyre 1-4 (regular); 5 (guest appearance); 6-7 (recurring)
The step sister of Toby. She was at the top of her class and took ecstasy, messing up her relationship with many of her friends. She dated Jimmy, and then turned goth and broke up with him. She ended up dating Craig. After discovering the love triangle with Craig, Manny and herself, she breaks up with Craig. She eventually forgave Craig and was in the band Downtown Sasquatch for a time. Ashley helps Craig when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Craig proposed to Ashley, but she refused. They continued dating, despite the fact she left to work and live with her dad in England. While in England, she met someone and dumped Craig over e-mail. She came back and returned to Degrassi in Season 6, to finish school, and wound up rekindling her relationship with Jimmy. She almost got her big music break with a friend of Ellie's, but her talent was hidden when Jimmy’s was spotlighted, which ultimately led to their final break up. Ashley later went on a road trip with Manny, Liberty, and Emma. She saw Craig performing and wound up leaving with him, going on tour in Europe. It is unclear if she graduated. *Did not appear in credits during seasons 5-7, yet in seasons 6-7 still was a major character.
Blue Chessex Jordan Hudyma 8-present (regular)
New to Degrassi, he is the typical chill, artsy guy. He calls himself 'Blue', in whom Holly J. becomes interested. She was planning on having sex with him, but he rejected her leaving her feeling negatively about herself. He eventually wins Holly J. over by saving her life. After a standing-ovation for Holly J. after the shooting, he saves the last dance for her. During season 9 he is shown trying to make Holly J into a different person in which they break up because Blue can't really accept her for who she is.
Bruce the Moose Natty Zavitz 7 (recurring) 8-present (regular)
A friend of Johnny and Derek, he is a typical jock and on the football team. Starting season 9 Bruce is a bully and makes fun of everyone at any chance he gets. Later Dave pours urine over his locker but he catches. The next day Dave is caught by Johnny ans Bruce telling them to meet after school. After school Dave thinking he's going to get beat up attempts to make peace with Bruce. Bruce does not beat him up instead throwing a water balloon filled with urine at him.
Chantay Black Jajube Mandiela 4-7 (recurring) 8-present (regular)
A member of the Power Squad and common friend. She had a crush on Chester Hosoda-Bloom and helped in the scheme that broke Paige's leg in Season 4. She revealed to Paige that Manny's topless video was circulating around the school in Season 5, ultimately getting Manny kicked off the Spirit Squad. Chantay is the writer of 'The Anti-Grape Vine Blog' and the gossip queen of Degrassi.
Clare Edwards Aislinn Paul 6-7 (recurring) 8-present (regular)
Clare is Darcy's younger sister, who is briefly seen and mentioned in season 6 and 7. She and Darcy are total opposites. Clare is at Degrassi for one reason and one reason only: to learn. However, things begin to change when she meets K.C. and gets caught with a vibrator during class. She likes K.C. and K.C. likes her, but she isn't ready for a relationship yet. She feels a little uncomfortable after finding out K.C. lives in a group home, but realizes he's still the same person and they later kiss. In season 9 she befriends new-girl Jenna. Though Jenna later steals K.C. from her ending their frienship.
Connor A.J. Saudin 8-present (regular)
He is new to Degrassi, and is the godson to Snake and Spike. Connor has mild Asperger syndrome. He had a crush on Clare, but comes to the conclusion that she and K.C. belong together.
Craig Manning Jake Epstein 2-5 (regular); 6 (recurring); 7 & 8 (guest appearances)
Craig is Angie’s half-brother. He lives with Joey after his abusive father (Albert Manning) had abused him for far to long. He steals Joey's car in the episode "Drive". After moving in with Joey he finds out about his father's subsequent death. Craig is the school stud and starts the band Downtown Sasquatch. Craig dates Ashley and cheats on her with Manny Santos, who becomes pregnant and opts for an abortion. In the beginning of Season 4 he gets money from his dead fathers will. He deals with bipolar disorder in Season 4, moves out of Toronto in Season 5, and reveals a cocaine addiction in Season 6 after returning from Vancouver for a music festival. Craig is last seen performing in Smithdale at a Purple Dragon concert, and will be touring with Ashley in the future. By the end of Season 6 he had witnessed a lot of drama. Epstein did not appear in credits during season 6, yet was still a major character.
Damian Hayes Mazin Elsadig 6 (recurring); 7 (regular)
Damian was first introduced in Season 6 as the student council president of Lakehurst. Damian hooked up with Manny the night of J.T's death and struggled to bring both schools closer after the death. Then in Season 7, he developed a relationship with Emma, and then dumped her after she took the relationship too serious. They got back together and he butted heads with Liberty who he was running against as Valedictorian. Still with Emma, he develops an attraction to Liberty, and Liberty to him. Liberty initiates his cheating on Emma and Emma breaks up with him. He reassures Liberty if her friends were really her friends they would forgive her. He goes on to graduate, and attends college. *Only appears in seasons 6 & 7
Daniel "Danny" van Zandt Dalmar Abuzeid 4-6 (recurring); 7-present (regular)
Danny Van Zandt is Liberty's younger brother. He cares deeply for his sister and eventually J.T. Yorke. Danny gets in a fight in Season 7 when some Lakehurst students mock J.T.'s death. Also in Season 7, he is framed by best friend Derek for shoplifting after he becomes close to a girl that Derek had a crush on. In Season 8, he starts dating Mia who he dumps when he finds out she slept with a famous guy to get her modeling job. Danny rekindles his friendship with Derek and begins dating Leia, who lies just to fit in. Danny confronts her and she eventually realizes that he loves her for who she is, and she doesn't need to lie.
Darcy Edwards Shenae Grimes 4 & 5 (recurring); 6 & 7 (regular); 8 (guest appearances)
Darcy Edwards was a strait-laced Christian who is the leader of the Spirit Squad, but her character eventually developed a dark side. Darcy is a member of the school Christian group, the Friendship Club, and convinces Spinner to join shortly before the two began to date. She also tries to convert Spinner back into a born again "virgin". In Season 6, Darcy begins to post risqué photos of herself online, which grabs the attention of a 40-year-old man who attempts to come in physical contact with her. Spinner ends his relationship between Darcy, citing the hypocritical behavior that she was exhibiting. Darcy begins a relationship with Peter. In Season 7, Darcy is drugged and raped at a snowboarding party, and she develops chlamydia as a result. She attempts suicide after the discovery of her STD, and is put in counseling to deal with her issues. Darcy and Peter have sex. Also in Season 7, after having her passes on him rebuffed, Darcy accuses Snake of inappropriate behavior, which results in an investigation and his temporary suspension from Degrassi. Darcy is eventually forgiven for all the drama she caused and begins a new life with Peter by her side. Then in Season 8, Darcy moves to Kenya for a semester to study and rebuild her spirit. She leaves Peter behind, but still tries to write to him and continues to send him gifts.
Dave Turner Jahmil French 9 (regular)
Chantay's cousin, who is now attending Degrassi. A niner and unknown Dave's main goal is to rise to the top. No matter what Dave trys someone seems to be there to make fun or take the glory. After Dave trys do be cool a makes a Soda fountain in which Bruce pours it all over his pant, he urinates into a bottle and pours it over Bruce's locker. Bruce catches Dave and he runs. The next day Dave is cornered by Johnny DiMarco and Bruce who tells him to meet behind the school. Dave shows up to get recognized. Thinking he's going to get beat up he attempts to talk to Bruce who instead of beating him up throws a balloon full of him Urine. Dave later makes a game winning shot making him more populart since his confrontation with Bruce. He attempts to date Jenna but gets the wrong idea as she does not like him. Though to keep his popularity Dave breaks up with her.
Declan Coyne Landon Liboiron 9 (regular)
One of the new characters on Degrassi. Brother of Fiona. Declan is on of the new kids and immediately taking a liking to Mia. Later as he is making friends with Peter he invites them to a party so Mia can meet his mom and get further into the modeling business as well as Peter wanting to make up for being rude earlier. He embarrasses Peter at the party causing Peter to accept Drugs. Declan later takes a liking to Jane. She initially re-buffs him though later showas affection for him. Jane breaks up with him soon as to not break Spinners heart. He latar takes a liking to Holly J and they start going out after sveral attempts.
Derek Haig Marc Donato 5-6 (recurring); 7-present (regular)
Derek is the best friend of Danny from seasons 5-7. Derek mocked Jimmy for his basketball coaching in Season 5, but is proven by Jimmy that men in wheelchairs can be amazing at the sport. It's revealed that he’s adopted in Season 5. In Season 7, he frames best friend Danny for shoplifting, which ends their friendship. Then in Season 8 he joins the football team and bullied Jane when she joined. Derek eventually ends up rekindling his friendship with Danny, after using Danny to get a date with a girl and then encouraging Danny to go after her himself.
Eleanor "Ellie" Nash Stacey Farber 2 (recurring); 3-7 (regular); 8 (guest appearances)
Ellie started off as a goth character. In the episode "Whisper to a Scream," her father joins the army and her mother shows signs of alcoholism. After her father goes away, she starts deliberately cutting herself with her pencil holder edge. She begins a fake relationship with Marco Del Rossi after he comes out to her, effectively masking his homosexuality to his friends and the school. In Season 3, Ellie receives help for her self-hurting behavior after Paige tells the counselors about it. In an attempt to get away from her mother's alcoholism, Ellie moves in with boyfriend Sean Cameron in Season 4, but moves out when he moves to Wasaga Beach. She attends Toronto University and acts as a journalist at the school newspaper, "The Core." She was one of the few who discovered Craig Manning's addiction to cocaine in Season 6. She also discovers Caitlin Ryan making out with her boyfriend, Jessie, and almost has sex with Marco in Season 7. Then after a year of rooming with Paige, Marco, and Griffin, they all decide to move out and go on with their lives. *Was not in the credits during Season 2, was still

a major character, along with Marco.

Stars in Degrassi: Goes Hollywood

Emma Nelson Miriam McDonald 1-present (regular)
Daughter of Spike (who gave birth to Emma in between the second and third season of Degrassi Junior High), Emma is smart, determined and idealistic, sometimes to a fault. She champions broad causes such as protecting the environment and boycotting genetically modified food, and even going nude for a cause in Season 7. In Season 3 she finds her dad and finds out that he is mentally disabled. After a long relationship with Sean from Seasons 1-3, she contracted gonorrhea from Jay in Season 4. Emma later develops an eating disorder in Season 5 and was diagnosed as anorexic. Her boyfriend, Peter, and best friend, Manny, helped her through it and she eventually recovers. She had a pregnancy scare with Sean in Season 6. After Sean leaves for Afghanistan, Emma begins a rocky relationship with Damian in Season 7. She ends it after she finds out Damian was cheating on her with Liberty. In Season 8, she attends Smithdale University with Manny and Liberty. She starts dating Kelly after he nullified the no dating roommates rule. Emma then risks her and her roommates’ stay at Smithdale when she bakes weed brownies. Kelly took the blame and was forced to leave the residence hall. She appears in season 9 on a recycling tour eating vegan. Kelly breaks up with her as he takes a job with his dad as well as Emma being controlling and getting mad for him to start eating vegan. It is also revealed she isn't doing to well in school and has takin a break.
Fiona Coyne Annie Clark 9 (regular)
One of the new characters on Degrassi. Sister of Declan. New to Degrassi she know no one. She is present during a party in which Peter is embarresed and starts using Meth. During an episode Dave trys to go out with her though she refuses saying she was with Riley. Riley finds out and they eventually go out for real. Though they break up when Riley calls her a grouch for her thinking he is homosexual.
Hazel Aden Andrea Lewis 1-2 (recurring) 3-5 (regular)
Hazel is a popular girl who is occasionally catty to other girls. A member of the Spirit Squad, she is Paige's best friend and follows her personality with rude, snide remarks. She shows insecurities about her Muslim heritage in Season 2. She also dated Jimmy Brooks from Seasons 3-5. She almost lost her friendship with Paige over her hatred towards Alex. She graduated from Degrassi in Season 5 and attended college outside of Toronto. *Did not appear in credits during seasons 1 & 2, but still played a major role.
Heather Sinclair off-camera 1-present
Heather Sinclair is the nemesis of myriad characters, primarily her female classmates, and most significantly Paige Michalchuk. She follows in the long tradition of unseen characters on television series characters who are repeatedly mentioned, eventually becoming too exaggerated to ever be accurately portrayed (e.g. Vera Peterson on Cheers, Maris Crane on Fraiser, Kalinke on the German-dubbed version of Hogan's Heroes, inter alia). Heather is the elder sister of Holly J. Sinclair.
Holly J. Sinclair Charlotte Arnold 7-present (regular)
Holly J. is portrayed as rude, sarcastic, and at times cruel to other students. She insists on being called Holly J. rather than just Holly. She is the sister of Heather Sinclair. Holly J. shares a locker with Mia, much to their displeasure, and Anya is her best friend. In late season 7, she forms feelings for Toby after he tutors her, but their relationship was short-lived. Also in Season 7, her friendship with Anya comes to an end when Anya fights back from all the abuse Holly J. has given her over the years. In season 8, an artsy guy named Blue finds an interest in her, but when she falls for him just to lose her virginity, she gets rejected. Her family then becomes bankrupt. Under pressure, she reveals to the media that Mia did some "things" to get where she’s at in the modeling industry, and she rejects Blue after being asked to the dance. Holly J. then tells Jane that Spinner didn't get into police college. After a while she’s drawn to Spinner. When Spinner and she get held up at gun point and Spinner is shot she reveals she loves him. When Blue comes back to see why Holly J. is refusing him, he saves her and Spinner’s lives by calling the police. She then accepts his offer on a date realizing he’s a good guy and Spinner is taken. In season 9 she is dating Blue but break up when she feals he can't accept her for who she is. She is the one to catch Jane cheating on Spinner with Declan. She talks sense into Jane making her break up with Declan. Declan later takes a liking to her and they start dating.
James Tiberius "J.T." Yorke Ryan Cooley 1-6 (regular)
J.T. was the president class clown, constantly getting into trouble. In Season 5, after discovering that girlfriend Liberty is pregnant, he planned to move into an apartment with her and be a family. They end up breaking up though because of how controlling and demeaning she becomes in the situation. He began to sell prescription drugs stolen from the pharmacy he works at in order to make more money for Liberty and the baby, but after realizing that being a drug-dealer disrupted his friendships and relationships, he attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs. J.T. survives, but Liberty and J.T. break up completely and their son is placed for adoption. He later dates Mia for a while, mainly it seems, over the loss of a child he could have raised. In Season 6, he realizes he still loves Liberty but is stabbed by students from Lakehurst High School before he can tell her. His aorta is punctured and he dies. A school memorial is built in his name.
Anastacia "Jane Vaughn" Valieri Paula Brancati 7-present (regular)
Jane is a character who arrived at Degrassi after the Lakehurst fire. Immediately, Spinner took liking to her and the two began to date. She helps him through his cancer. Her brother is Lucas, father to Mia's daughter, although she prefers that people not know that they're brother and sister. In season 8, Jane joins the football team, but she's bullied by teammates and the coach. She gets encouragement by Darcy who sends her a letter from Kenya to not give up. She breaks up with Spinner when she finds out that Spinner did not tell her that he did not get accepted in police college. They get back together when she remembers how much he supported her playing football when no one else would. She then stands up for Clare when Claire tries to get principal Shep fired for calling her a grouch by protesting against him. Her past is revealed when she learns the real reasons why she hates her father so much. Spinner and her brother help her get over the situation where her father molested her. After Spinner gets shot, she was by his bedside. In season 9 she starts cheating on Spinner with Declan but breaks up with him at Holly J's suggestion that she would break Spinners heart.
Jason "Jay" Hogart Mike Lobel 3-4, 8 (recurring) 5-7 (regular) 9(recurring)
Jay is a rebel at Degrassi who becomes involved with many illegal and inappropriate activities in and around Degrassi, including stealing goods in Season 3. He gets Sean to join his gang and turns him on a life of crime, performing sexual acts at the ravine with various females in Season 4, and breaking into a pawn shop to retrieve his mother's ring in Season 7 for his ex-fiance Manny Santos. His mother died when he was young and he has lost touch with his dad following an incident at his third wedding. In season 8, he hangs out around The Dot, bothering Holly J. and Spinner. Jay helps Spinner get over not being accepted into police college. He gets together with Manny during the Degrassi: Goes Hollywood film. He briefly appears at a party in season 9. *Wasn't in credits during season 3-4, still played a major role.

Starred in Degrassi: Goes Hollywood

Jenna Middleton Jessica Tyler 9 (regular)
One of the new characters on Degrassi. In season 9 she makes friends with Clare, Allie, and K.C. She takes a liking to K.C. though promises Clare she will stay away from him. Later she gives Dave the wrong Idea and he think they're dating though she tells him the truth and helps him stay popular. Though she joins the power squad while in her "relationship" with Dave as his popularity rose due to his game winning basket.
Jimmy Brooks Aubrey Drake Graham 1-7 (regular); 8 (guest appearance)
Jimmy is seen as the school basketball star but also has an artistic side. He dates Ashley and, when they break up, she turns goth. His family is also quite wealthy; although he resents that his parents are often absent. He dates Hazel from Seasons 3-5 and she breaks up with him when he reveals that he has feelings for Ellie. Ellie helps him realize his artsy side, but has no interest in being with him. Jimmy is shot in the back by Rick, resulting in his confinement to a wheelchair in Season 4. He begins rapping and pursuing a career in music that blossoms when Ashley comes back and they start dating again. He investigates stem cell surgery and finally breaks up with Ashley. He started dating Trina, another handicapped individual, in Season 7. He kept Spinner as a best friend for over 7 years though Jimmy was not talking to Spinner because a lie Spinner told resulted in Jimmy's paralysis. They both graduate a year late; both for different reasons resulting from the shooting. He was there for Spinner when he didn’t get into police school, and is contemplating proposing to his girlfriend, Trina, showing Spinner a sign that he needs to move on with his life.
John George "Johnny" DiMarco Scott Paterson 6-7 (recurring) 8-present (regular)
Johnny was first introduced as one of Nic's thugs from Lakehurst in season 6. He helped beat Toby up, and was present when Drake Lempkey stabbed J.T. Johnny attended Degrassi after Lakehurst burns down. There, he developed a rivalry with Spinner while Spinner was struggling with testicular cancer. Spinner fought Johnny, which was taped and posted online. He then has an off-and-on relationship with Alli Bhandari. In 'Heart Of Glass,' they both lose their virginity. Alli afterwards feels they need to just be friends because she was not ready for sex. But Clare is able to convince Alli to talk to Johnny about how she feels, and they get back together, deciding to not have sex again until they are ready. In season 9 Alli begins sexting him as he doesn't allow her to be affectionate in front of his friends. Though when Allie reveales a picture of him being "cute" he sends a picture to Bruce. Following this He and Allie break up. He later reveals to her that he has genital warts as Allie was not his first time though telling her it was his first time with someone he actually liked. He attempts to get back together with her as she is the only girl he wants, but she refuses stating she can't go out with someone she doesn't trust.
K.C. Guthrie Sam Earle 8-present (regular)
He's smart, sarcastic, and a skateboarder. He has a crush on Clare. K.C. is revealed to be living away from his foster parents in a group home, being a juvenile delinquent. He says he likes that Clare thought of him as a "good guy", but after she found out what he did and assumed he hit Connor, he walked away instead of wanting to talk to her. Clare apologized quickly afterwards. After getting over their issues, K.C and Clare end up kissing in Danger Zone.
Kelly Ashoona Evan Williams 8 (regular) 9 (guest appearance)
Attends Smithdale University, rooming with Emma, Manny, and Liberty. Emma and Manny both are interested in him, despite the no roommate dating policy. He ends up dating Emma. He takes the blame for Emma when she bakes weed brownies that caused a girl to go into a diabetic coma. Because of that, Kelly was forced to leave the dorms. Emma feels guilty but doesn't do anything since Kelly tells her the dorm's no tolerance policy would just result in them both being kicked out. Kelly breaks up with Emma on their recycling tour because his dad offered him a job as well as saying Emma is to controlling.
Leia Chang Judy Jiao 8-present (regular)
New to Degrassi, she transferred from a Ballet School. She finds a friend in Mia, but, after discovering the Mia was doing sexual things for her modeling job, the two ended their friendship. She was the ultimate factor in Danny and Mia's break-up, telling him what Mia was doing for her job. After Derek tries to win her over, Danny steps in and begins to become attracted to her. The two begin to date and she lies about knowing the popular band Fall Out Boy just to fit in with Danny and his friends. Realizing she didn't have to do that and that Danny likes her no matter what, they start fresh.
Liberty van Zandt Sarah Barrable-Tishauer 1-present (regular)
Liberty is a highly ambitious and smart student at Degrassi, and is active in student council and extracurricular activities. She becomes involved with J.T. Yorke in Season 4 after 3 seasons of having a crush on him, and eventually becomes pregnant with his child; a son, in Season 5, which she places for adoption after many conflicts between herself, J.T., and her parents. J.T. and Liberty break up, although both parties continue having feelings for each other until J.T.'s death in Season 6. Liberty becomes the "other woman" by taking Emma's boyfriend, Damian, in Season 7. In season 8, she attends Smithdale University and rooms with Manny, Emma, and Kelly. She tried to get into a sorority, but rejects the offer when she finds out she was just their "token black chick".
Manuela "Manny" Santos Cassie Steele 1-present (regular)
Born in Manila, Philippines, Manny is a Filipino girl who struggles to define herself throughout the series. Often criticized for her promiscuity by both students and her father, she becomes pregnant with Craig's baby in Season 3 and has an abortion after she realizes she is not ready to be a mother. She has had an on and off relationship with Craig, and also relationships with Sully, J.T., Spinner, Damian, and Jay. She showed a desire to be an actress and get plastic surgery in Season 5. She becomes involved with cocaine and Craig again in Season 6, but stops both when Craig chooses cocaine over her. Manny becomes involved in a short-lived engagement with Jay in Season 7. In Season 8, she attends Smithdale University for drama and turns down an acting gig on a fictional TV show called "West Drive". Manny is Emma's best friend. Manny finds a love interest in Kelly and battles Emma for him, eventually letting Emma and him be together. Her college career gets threatened when Emma makes weed brownies.

Stars in Degrassi: Goes Hollywood

Marco Del Rossi Adamo Ruggiero 2,8 (recurring); 3-7 (regular); 9 (guest appearances)
He was first shown as a great dancer in the beginning of season 2. Marco was introduced as the love interest of Ellie and, as his character evolved, it was revealed in Season 2 to Ellie that he was gay. After coming out to his friends in Season 3, he becomes alienated by Spinner who cannot get over the discomfort. While en route to a hockey game, Marco is gay bashed by a group of men in Toronto. He later starts to like Paige's brother, Dylan. They eventually start dating. Dylan cheats on Marco but they end up getting back together. Dylan ultimately leaves to play hockey in Switzerland, but both attempt to maintain a relationship. Marco eventually breaks off his relationship with Dylan since Marco rarely ever heard from him and was always waiting on Dylan. Marco finally tells his mother and father that he is gay. He begins to attend Toronto University in Season 6, and is faced with the idea of male prostitution by a friend in Season 7, which he turns away from. Marco gets a little too close to Ellie by making out with her, and almost loses his boyfriend over Ellie. Then, after a year of rooming with Paige, Ellie, and Griffin, they all decide to move out and move on with their lives, leaving Marco on his own. *Was not in the credits during Season 2, was still a major character, along with Ellie.

Starred in Degrassi: Goes Hollywood

Mia Jones Nina Dobrev 6 (recurring) 7-8 (regular) 9 (guest appearances)
Mia is a teenage mother at Degrassi who transferred from Lakehurst before the rest of Lakehurst did. She develops a relationship with J.T. Yorke in Season 6, which is cut short at his death. In Season 7, she becomes involved with her child's father Lucas, but she ends it when she attends a party with him with her daughter, Isabella "Bella" Jones, and is caught by the police, resulting in an investigation by child services. In Season 8, she becomes a model. Mia becomes friends with Leia, until Leia finds out the Mia is doing sexual things to keep her job. She finds a love interest in Danny, who dumps her when he finds out that she slept with a famous football player to get her job. She finds out later that she would have gotten the modeling job without sleeping with him and stops doing sexual things for her job - keeping it just to modeling. Mia then starts dating Peter and dumps him when she finds out he's still hung up on Darcey. Under pressure, she drops out of school to continue her career in modeling. However she decides that she should finish school and instead cuts down on modeling. She again starts dating Peter when she realizes he truly cares about her. In season 9 it is revealed that she has gotten a modeling contract in Europe and has to leave soon. Peter initially is going with her but he stays due to have been using drugs. They still keep in contact. *Didn't appear in credits during season 6, was still a major character.
Paige Michalchuk Lauren Collins 1-7 (regular) 8 (guest appearances)
Paige is a popular diva with a sharp tongue who often says things which are hurtful to others. She is raped in Season 2 by Dean. She loses her trial against her attacker in Season 4 due to a lack of evidence. As an act of revenge, she intentionally crashes into Dean’s car with Spinner’s car and loses her license. Paige dumped Spinner after dating him from Seasons 3-5. She then develops a lesbian relationship with Alex. Despite being high on marijuana during an interview with a representative from Banting University, she gets accepted. In Season 6, after breaking down from the stress of university Paige leaves Banting. Paige ends up dating Ellie’s ex, Jesse, and Spinner at the same time, both of them knowing this. Both relationships end. Paige then begins a low-level job at a fashion designer company. She sleeps with housemate Griffin. Paige later learns that he is HIV positive, and is currently awaiting six months for the results of her HIV test. Then after a year of rooming with Marco, Ellie, and Griffin, they all decide to move out and on with their lives.
Peter Stone Jamie Johnston 5-present (regular)
Peter is Mrs. Hatzilakos' son. He first attends Degrassi in 10th grade, after years of homeschooling. In Season 5, after a depressed Manny becomes inebriated, Peter takes advantage of the situation and films her as she bares her breasts to his camera. He later uses the footage against Manny's wishes, and the entire student body is sent the video. Also in Season 5, while secretly dating her, Peter helps Emma deal with her anorexia/bulimia. Emma ends the relationship when he blackmails Sean by putting drugs in his locker. Peter starts dating Darcy in Season 6, even after he risked her life by giving an internet stalker her pictures for money. Peter supports Darcy after the discovery that she was raped, and he later attempts to emancipate himself from his parents so he can stay with her in Toronto when his mother moves to Regina. In Season 8, he’s living on his own. Darcy moves to Kenya, which leaves him single. Peter soon started dating Mia and then he finds a close friend in Riley who mistakes Peter for being gay and kisses him. Peter helps Riley with his sexuality and stops his steroid use. The two become close friends. When Mia finds out Peter's still in contact with Darcy, she dumps him, but she takes him back after he tells her he loves her. During season 9 Peter becomes addicted to meth causing Mia to leave him behing on a modeling contract in Europe. His mother however comes back so he is not alone.
Riley Stavros Argiris Karras 8-present (regular)
New to Degrassi, he is a member of the football team and is credited for Degrassi's first win. Riley unsuccessfully attempts to kiss Peter, revealing his homosexual status. He also takes up steroids to improve his football performance, and also thinking that it might make him attracted to girls. However, it begins to destroy his life in the process as he gets into more progressive trouble. Comforting a recently heartbroken Anya, the two go on a picnic date and share a kiss. After kissing him, Anya confesses that she is not over Sav. Riley eventually gives up on steroids and became close friends with Peter. Starting season 9 Riley is trying to prove he's not gay and goes out with Fiona although they break up after Riley calls her a bitch. Riley attempts to receive therapy to become straight but cannot due to the money it takes. He later comes to realize he is homosexual and takes anger management classes.
Sav Bhandari Raymond Ablack 7 (recurring) 8-present (regular)
The object of many girls' affections, it's revealed that he's never been with a girl before. After Mia teaches him the ropes of kissing, she mistakes her "lessons" for admiration and later learns that he likes Anya. Sav and Anya begin to have a relationship despite his parents' having arranged his marriage to another sometime in his future. In season 8, Sav is portrayed as being protective over Alli, and yells at her for being alone in a tent with a boy. This results in him and Anya breaking up for multiple reasons He defends his love for Anya and for music. Sav is on the football team and gets in a fight with Riley, thinking Riley was having a relationship with Anya. Sav forces his parents to cope with his plans for a career in music and a relationship with Anya and, because he stuck up for it, Anya and him get back together. In season 9 him and Anya aren't doing so well as Sav is busy with his band and is upset because Anya doesn't show up to watch him as she is got bored of this and started LARPing.
Sean Cameron Daniel Clark 1-4 & 6 (regular); 7 (guest appearance)
Sean is a troubled teen with a violent past. His hometown Wasaga Beach is full of bad memories for him and, after being convicted and expelled from school for assaulting a kid (which he deafened in one ear), he was kicked out of his home, abandoned by his parents, and moved in with his older brother, Tracker Cameron. He was also a former student at Degrassi and came back in Season 1 to start anew, but often had flares of anger that got him into trouble. He then developing feelings for Emma and started a rivalry with Jimmy, who thinks he's a freak. After a fight with Jimmy, he loses Emma by pushing her to the ground. Ashley, who is high on Ecstasy at a house party, hooks ups with Sean. In Season 2, he begins to realize his needs for his life and wins Emma back. In Season 3, he breaks up with Emma and joins a gang with Jay Hogart. Once he gets his life back on track he starts to like Ellie. She moves in with Sean because of her mom's drinking problem. In Season 4, Sean saves Emma from being shot by Rick but feels guilty about Rick's death. Ellie and him break up because he leaves for Wasaga beach after the shooting because of the stress. While in Wasaga Beach, he almost drowns, but is saved by Tyler Bishop, the kid that He deafened. After Sean's brother leaves for Alberta, Sean emancipates himself and ends the parties and the gang life. He return to Degrassi but ends up in jail as a result of a drag racing accident. Once he gets out of jail he hooks back up with Emma and later finds out that, while he was in jail, Emma gave Jay a blow job. He freaks out and decides to leave but comes back saying how he wants to work it out. Sean ends up living with Emma and her family for a while and joins the army rather than try to attend college against Emma's wishes. They don't make any future promises, and break up when he leaves.
Gavin "Spinner" Mason Shane Kippel 1-present (regular)
Nicknamed for his bouts of ADHD, Spinner is a hyperactive student who has problems with school. He is the adoptive brother of Kendra Mason. He shows issues when Marco reveals that he is gay in Season 3. After regretting his involvement with the school shooting he confesses to the principle who expelled him. While expelled he and Jay start stealing stuff from Degrassi. He eventually returns to Degrassi to finish school, and he becomes a born-again Christian in Season 5. In Season 7, he is diagnosed with testicular cancer and goes through a period of reckless behavior because of this, believing that he has nothing to live for. He also graduates from Degrassi in Season 7. He is the boyfriend of Jane. He helps Jane get over her fear of her father. Throughout the series, Spinner has been known to be somewhat of a sex symbol and ladies man, having been with Paige, Manny, Darcy, and currently Jane. Spinner tries to get into police college and fails. Spinner is shot at "The Dot," but recovers. Spinner appears in season 9 but has yet to have a mojor role.
Theresa "Terri" McGreggor Christina Schmidt 1-3 (regular)
The only daughter of a widowed father, Terri struggles with insecurities about her appearance. Her career as a plus-size model improved her self-image, and helped her overcome her vulnerability to peer pressure. In Season 3, she begins a relationship with Rick Murray, which later turns abusive. He eventually pushes her down, causing Terri's head to hit a cinder block and she goes into a coma. Terri does well after recovering from the incident, but is transferred from Degrassi to a private school. *Makes final appearance in Season 3.
Tobias "Toby" Isaacs Jake Goldsbie 1-5 (regular); 6-7 (recurring); 8,9 (guest appearance)
A smart student, Toby is introduced as the best friend of J.T. and stepbrother of Ashley. He is sometimes looked at as being a "geek" of sorts for his like of computers and anime. Awkward at times, he's only had one girlfriend (Kendra) in his seven-season run as a character, although he has tried on several occasions to date other girls. He deals with anorexia due to wrestling in Season 2, befriends Rick Murray before the school shooting in Season 4, and is greatly affected by J.T.'s death in Season 6. He is Jewish and it is revealed that his grandparents died in the holocaust. He hated the Lakehurst students for the fact that a student there killed J.T. He helps Holly J. out with her schoolwork and she returns the favor by helping him pass gym. He almost had a relationship with Holly J, but ended it before he got hurt, hurting her. Toby graduated and becomes a game show host, hosting a robot war event that Degrassi competed in. *Didn't appear in credits during seasons 6-7, still was a major character.

Teachers and other adults

Name Actor Seasons Featured
Joseph "Joey" Jeremiah Pat Mastroianni 1 (guest appearance); 2-5 (regular)
Owner of a car dealership, father of Angela and stepfather of Craig Manning. Dated Sydney, Caitlin and Diane. Was a former student at Degrassi.
Christine "Spike" Nelson Amanda Stepto 1-2 (recurring); 3-7 (regular) 8 (guest appearances)
Hairdresser and mother of Emma, with whom she was pregnant in the original series. In the second season, she married Snake and in the third season she gave birth to their son, Jack. Although shes credited for all 24 episodes in Season 7, she only appears in 3 out of the 24.
Daniel "Dan" Raditch Dan Woods 1-4 (regular)
Ex-principal of Degrassi. Was a teacher to the adults (Spike, Snake, Joey, Caitlin etc.) that attended Degrassi Junior High/High. He was transferred out of Degrassi after the school shooting because it was felt that he had mishandled Rick's problems and issues prior to the shooting.
Caitlin Ryan Stacie Mistysyn 1-2 (recurring); 3-5 (regular); 7 (guest appearance)
A prominent TV journalist who has had a long standing on-again off-again relationship with Joey since their junior high days. She broke up with Joey in season four to accept a position in the U.S. at a nationally syndicated news magazine.
Archibald "Archie" "Snake" Simpson Stefan Brogren 1-present (regular)
A student from the original series who has become a teacher at Degrassi. He marries Spike in the second season and became Emma's stepfather. In the third season Spike gives birth to their son, Jack. He was diagnosed with cancer in the third season, but then he goes into remission. In the fifth season, he was seen by Emma kissing Ms. Hatzilakos, and was briefly separated from Spike. Later, they made up and he moved back in. In the seventh season he was accused of being a sexual abuser, and asked to leave the school when he rebuffed Darcy's sexual advances. Soon returning to school with a clean slate and an apology from Darcy.
Daphne Hatzilakos Melissa DiMarco 2 & 8 (guest appearances); 3-4 (recurring); 5-7 & 9 (regular)
A former science teacher and principal of Degrassi. She is the mother of Peter Stone, though she is divorced. She and Snake were seen kissing by Emma and Peter, although the affair never went further. At the end of Season 7 she announced she was moving to Regina to help her sick mother, while Peter stays behind. Then returns in Season 9 acting as principal again, relieving the school of 'The Shep' and his crazy antics.
Principal Sheppard A.K.A. the Shep Kevin Jubinville 8-present (recurring)
Principal Sheppard aka "The Shep" was the principal of Lakehurst. When Ms. Hatzilakos leaves Degrassi to tend to her sick mother, Principal Sheppard becomes the principal of Degrassi. He cares only for the jocks and cheerleaders. This is evident by the fact that he does not want Jane Vaughn to play on the football team because she is a girl, and when she does, he ignores the abuse the other teamates give her. Clare Edwards exposes what a terrible principal he is at assembly by showing a tape of "The Shep, Principal of the Year" displaying his disreguard of children who are different and he is sent to sensitivity training.

Minor characters


  • List of characters that had major roles, yet never appeared in the opening credits (recurring).
Name Actor Seasons Featured
Kendra Mason Katie Lai 2-3
Gavin "Spinner" Mason's younger, adopted sister. She dated Toby for a time until he became too clingy. She is an anime fan and a fund raiser organizer. She was introduced in season 2 and remained a recurring character in season 3. Toby was thinking of having sex with her so he brought the "stuff" to school. Toby and Kendra broke up over the summer they did not say why. Seen in the opening credits from seasons 3-5 but had no credit.
Dean Walton Shawn Roberts 2 ; 4(guest appearances)
A student of Bardell High School, who rapes Paige Michalchuk in Season 2. He later returns to Degrassi for a sports competition, and is threatened to be beat up by Spinner Mason and J.T. Yorke. In Season 4, after she loses a court trial against Dean, Paige smashes Spinner's car into his.
Eric Dwain Murphy 6-7
Eric is Marco's boyfriend. He first appeared in "Moonlight Desires", making out with Dylan Michalchuk. He works at The Core with Ellie and Jesse. He then returned in Season 6 and 7. He went on a date with Marco (Standing in the Dark: Part 2), but it doesn't feel right to him. Late in the season, Marco changed his mind about Eric and they had been dating for a month. Marco asked him to move in with him but Eric declined, saying he thinks it was too early. After Marco almost had sex with Ellie, Eric never found out, but they probably broke up because he was never seen after "Don't Stop Believing".
Dylan Michalchuk John Bregar 3-6
A graduate of Degrassi class of '04 and Paige Michalchuk's older brother. Dylan is openly gay. He was Marco's first boyfriend in Season 3 and only intimate partner, however broke up due to Dylan wanting an "open relationship" in Season 4. They got back together later in season 5, after Dylan returned from college over the summer because he missed Marco so much. He leaves toward the end of season 6 to play hockey in Switzerland. Dylan is a jock, playing both volleyball and college hockey. *Didn't appear in credits at all, but was 'starring' in over 20 episodes throughout his 4 season run.
Chris Sharpe Daniel Morrison 3-4
Chris was an aspiring D.J. first introduced in "Father Figure". Emma took liking to him, and the two started to date after Emma broke up with Sean. The couple later break up, and he becomes the object of desire for Liberty, but he does not return the admiration. Seen in the opening credits from seasons 3-5 but had no credit.
Rick Murray Ephraim Ellis 3-4,
Rick starts a relationship with Terri, but goes on to abuse her, leaving her in a coma. He leaves the school, only to come back in season 4. Throughout Degrassi, he is harassed and hated. Paige and Emma start a "yellow ribbon campaign" in order to get back at him, aiming to drive him out of the school. After Rick wins a trivia game show with Emma, Jimmy, and Toby, he is drenched in yellow paint and feathers. Later, he returns to school armed with a Colt 1911. He kisses Emma, claiming that she loved him, but she rebuffs him and coldly says that she only pitied him. He then approaches Paige with the intent of shooting her, but refrains after she expresses sympathy for him. After overhearing Spinner and Jay, who were behind the prank, deliberately say that Jimmy was responsible, Rick shoots Jimmy in the back. He almost shoots Emma, but Sean stops him and the gun ends up firing, killing Rick by accident. *Didn't appear in the credits at all, but was 'starring' in 10 episodes throughout his 2 season run.
Jesse Stefanovic Steve Belford 6-7
The former editor at The Core, the campus newspaper where Ellie Nash works. The two eventually begin to date, which sees tension when Ellie admits to kissing Craig Manning and Jesse admits to having an affair with a woman at a bar. After a short breakup, the couple reunite, only to break up once more after Ellie catches Jesse kissing Caitlin Ryan in Season 7.
Griffin Pierce-Taylor Nathan Stephenson 7
The new roommate of Paige, Ellie, and Marco introduced in "Love is a Battlefield." He is very involved with music, and tried to help Jimmy Brooks make it big in the music industry, but is unsuccessful because Griffin is just trying to make a name for himself. Marco begins to crush on him, but he tells Marco to leave him alone because he is not gay. In the episode "Talking in Your Sleep," Griffin has sex with Paige, after which Paige discovers that Griffin was born with HIV.
Lucas Valieri Marc Minardi 7 ; 8(guest appearance)
Lucas is a former Lakehurst student, introduced in Season 7 and is good friends with Johnny DiMarco. He is also Jane Valieri's brother and is Mia Jones's former boyfriend and father to her daughter, Isabella. Returns in "Jane Says" and learns what his sister went through as a child.

Parents, teachers, and other minor characters

Name Actor Seasons Featured
Coach Armstrong Michael Kinney 1-present
Coach Armstrong is the mathematics teacher for all grades at Degrassi, and shows he's dedicated to his job by taking time out to tutor students who are having trouble in the course. This dedication started to spawn rumors that he and Liberty Van Zandt were having an inappropriate relationship, when the real reason behind Liberty's tutoring is that she had the learning disability, dyscalculia. Coach Armstrong coaches the boys' sports teams and takes an active part in Degrassi's sports program.
Scott "Tracker" Cameron Kristen Holden-Ried 1-3
Sean Cameron's older brother. Sean and Tracker used to share an apartment together in Toronto, but after accepting a job offer in Alberta, left Sean alone in the apartment to pay for and take care of himself.
Ms. Kwan Linlyn Lue 1-present
Ms. Kwan is the English and Night School teacher at Degrassi and is known to be strict. She briefly left Degrassi to take care of her sick husband, but eventually returned.
Jeff Isaacs Nigel Hamer 1-2
Jeff Isaacs is the father of Toby Isaacs, stepfather of Ashley Kerwin, husband of Kate Kerwin, and ex-husband of Anne Marie Isaacs. He is seen throughout Seasons 1 and 2, arguing with his ex-wife or appearing in episodes centering on Toby or Ashley.
Kate Kerwin Maria Ricossa 1-4
The mother of Ashley Kerwin and wife of Jeff Isaacs, she divorces from her husband after learning of his homosexuality and had cheated on her. She's shown in episodes, scolding or disciplining Ashley or Toby Isaacs, her stepson.
Angela Elizabeth "Angie" Jeremiah Alex Steele 1 (pilot), 2-5
Daughter of Joey and Julia Jeremiah and the half-sister of Craig Manning. She appears in episodes involving Joey or Craig, and was the one who revealed Craig's injuries to Joey, which were caused by Craig's father.
Matt Oleander Christopher Jacot 4-5
A teacher's assistant to Mr. Simpson, as well as a yoga instructor at the school. A relationship began between Paige Michalchuk and him, and after attempting to keep the relationship a secret, the couple was found out by the school board, and Matt was consequently fired from his position. He's last seen before moving to Vancouver to become a painter.
Dom Perino Tom Melissis 2-present
A Social Studies teacher at Degrassi Community School who is very strict. He can be viewed as being more strict than Ms. Kwan, and has a resemblance to Craig's deceased father. He believes some students damaged his car and blamed and threatened Derek. Derek feels uncomfortable and unwelcome and is driven out of the classroom. He walks away and informs Mr. Simpson which causes an investigation against Mr. Perino.


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