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Alexander Karatheodori (1833-1906) was a Greek statesman of the Ottoman Empire.

Born in Berlin as an offspring of a leading Constantinople phanariot family, he studied in Paris.

As many phanariot Greeks, he became an official of the Ottoman Empire. A very active time for him occurred in 1878 when he took part in the preliminary negotiations with Russia over the Treaty of San Stefano, and several months later was sent to Germany as one of the commissioners of the Porte to the Congress of Berlin. There he was successful in altering the San Stefano peace terms in favour of the Ottoman Empire.

In November, 1878, he was appointed Governor-General of Crete with the task of calming the regional Turko-Greek civil war. As soon as December 1878 he was revoked and became Ottoman Minister of Foreign Affairs. He resigned in 1879.

Karatheodori finished his career as Ottoman Prince of the autonomous Greek island of Samos for a full decade (1885-1895).

Another member of his family - Konstantinos Karatheodoris (1841-1922) - later succeeded him for a brief princely rule in Samos in 1906.


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