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Alexandra (born at the end of 1360's or the beginning of 1370's in Vilnius – died on 20 April 1434 in Płońsk)[1] was the youngest daughter of Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas and his second wife Uliana of Tver.[2] In 1387 Alexandra married Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia. The marriage followed Union of Krewo when Siemowit IV agreed not to rival Grand Duke of Lithuania Jogaila (brother of Alexandra) and to support him as the new King of Poland.[3] Alexandra's and Siemowit's daughter Cymburgis married Ernest, Duke of Austria in 1412. The wedding took place in Buda, residence of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor. At the time the emperor mediated negotiations between Alexandra's brother King of Poland Jogaila and the Teutonic Knights.[4] Two other daughters married Michael Žygimantaitis, pretender to the throne of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.[2]


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