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Tram "Al Madina" in "Saad Zaghloul Square", Alexandria.

Alexandria Tram is a tram system in Alexandria, Egypt. It consists of 38 stations. It is one of only 3 non-heritage tram systems in the World that use double-deck cars. The others are Blackpool in the UK and Hong Kong.



Double Deck Tram in Alexandria

The tram system in Alexandria began operating in 1860. It is the oldest system running in Africa and one of the oldest in the World. The main line between Raml and Victoria stations was first horse drawn, then steam hauled and finally electrified in 1902. In addition to the Al Raml line there is an extensive network of tram lines running in the streets of central and western Alexandria.

Tram lines

Alexandria tramway routes

The tram transportation system in Alexandria consists of two systems:


Tram Al Raml

Characterized with its blue color and serves the following list of stations:

  1. Mahattet Al Raml (Arabic: محطة الرمل‎) (Translated: Raml Station).
  2. Gamea Ibrahim (جامع إبراهيم) (Mosque of Ibrahim).
  3. Hassan Rasim or Azarita (حسن راسم).
  4. Moustafa Ziean (مصطفى زيان).
  5. El Shobban El Moslemin (الشبان المسلمين).
  6. Al Shatby (الشاطبى).
  7. Al Gamaa (الجامعة) (The University).
  8. Camp Chezar (كامب شيزار).
  9. Al Ibrahimiyya (الإبراهيمية).
  10. Sporting Al Soghra (سبورتنج الصغرى) (Small Sporting).
  11. Sporting (سبورتنج).
  12. Cleopatra (كليوباترا).
  13. Cleopatra Al Soghra (كليوباترا الصغرى) (Small Cleopatra).
  14. Cleopatra Hammamat (كليوباترا حمامات) (Cleopatra Baths).
  15. Sidi Gaber (سيدي جابر).
  16. Sidi Gaber Al Sheikh (سيدي جابر الشيخ).
  17. Mustafa Kamil (مصطفى كامل).
  18. Mohammed Mahfouz (محمد محفوظ).
  19. Roshdy (رشدي).
  20. Bolkly (بوكلى).
  21. Al Hedaya (الهداية) (The Guidance).
  22. Saba Pasha (سابا باشا).
  23. Gleem (جليم).
  24. Al Fenoon Al Gameela (الفنون الجميلة) (The Fine Arts).
  25. Qasr Al Safa (قصر الصفا) (Al Safa Palace).
  26. Al Wezara (الوزارة) (The Ministry).
  27. Al Karnak (الكرنك).
  28. Abou Shabana aka Baccos (أبو شبانة or باكوس).
  29. Safar (صفر).
  30. Shods (شدس).
  31. Janacles (جناكليس).
  32. Zizinia (زيزينيا).
  33. San Stefano (سان ستفانو).
  34. Tharwat (ثروت).
  35. Louran (لوران).
  36. Sidi Beshr (سيدي بشر).
  37. Al Seyouf (السيوف).
  38. Victoria (فيكتوريا).

Tram Al Madina

An Al Madina line tram

Characterized with its yellow color.

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