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Djebel Chenoua class corvette El Kirch (353) built by ECRN in Mers-el-Kebir

The Algerian National Navy is the naval branch of the Military of Algeria. The navy operates from 3 bases at Algiers, Annaba and Mers-el-Kébir on the Mediterranean coast. It consists of 6,600 personnel with most of its equipment provided by Russia. In June 2006, the navy ordered two new Type 636 (Kilo) diesel-electric submarines due to be delivered late in 2007.



Class Name Type Quantity Origin Commissioned Notes
Surface fleet
Osa-I/II type Missile boat 10  Soviet Union 1967 (Osa I)
1976-1981 (Osa II)
209/245 tons full load - 4 SS-N-2B
Kebir Fast attack craft 8-13  Algeria/ United Kingdom 1982-???? 8-10 commissioned, 2-3 being built. First 2 built in UK, remainder in Algeria. Sometimes called the El Yadekh class.
Ras Hamidou Corvette 3  Soviet Union 1980-82 675 tons full load - 4 SS-N-2C and SA-N-4 SAM system
Djebel Chenoua Corvette 2  Algeria 1988-95 550 tons full load - 4 C-802
Murat Reis Frigate 3  Soviet Union 1980-85 1,670 tons full load - SA-N-4 SAM system
Kalaat Beni Hammed Small landing ship 2  United Kingdom 1984
Polnochny B Landing craft 1  Poland 1976
Submarine fleet
Rajs Hadi Mubarek Diesel-electric submarine 2  Soviet Union 1987-88 3,076 tons submerged
Improved Rajs Hadi Mubarek Diesel-electric submarine 2  Russia 2009-2010 3,126 tons submerged. Improved project 636 diesel-electric submarines
Future fleet
TBD Frigate 6  Italy TBD Tentative agreement for the French/Italian FREMM multipurpose frigate to be built by Fincantieri.[1]

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