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Alicia Rhett (born March 15, 1971) is also the name of another American actress, born in Los Angeles, California.
Alicia Rhett
Born February 1, 1915 (1915-02-01) (age 94)
Savannah, Georgia, United States

Alicia Rhett (born February 1, 1915) is an American portrait painter and actress who is best remembered for her role as India Wilkes in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind.



Early years

Rhett was born in Savannah, Georgia. Her mother was Isabelle Murdoch, an immigrant from Liverpool, England, and her father was Edmund M. Rhett, an army officer and engineer based in Savannah. After her father's death during World War I, Alicia and her mother moved to Charleston, South Carolina. Rhett became a theatre actress in Charleston.

Gone with the Wind

During a performance of Lady Windermere's Fan in 1936, Rhett was spotted by Hollywood director George Cukor, who was impressed by her charm and beauty. The director was scouting for an actress to play the role of Scarlett O'Hara after producer David Selznick purchased the film rights to the Margaret Mitchell novel. Previously, Rhett had been suggested by talent scout Kay Brown as a possible Southern belle for that film. Rhett auditioned for the part of Melanie Hamilton, but the role went instead to Olivia de Havilland. In March 1937, Cukor offered Rhett the role of India Wilkes, sister of Ashley Wilkes.

After the success of Gone with the Wind, Rhett left Hollywood and returned to South Carolina and retired from filmmaking in 1941, citing a lack of suitable roles. Rhett later became an accent coach for aspiring actors and a radio announcer at station WTMA in Charleston.

Portrait painter

Prior to appearing in Gone with the Wind, Rhett showed talent as a sketch artist and portrait painter. Between takes on Gone with the Wind, she made sketches and drawings of her fellow actors. Some of her later works included portraits of Admiral Louis Emil Denfeld, and librarian Estellene P. Walker, the latter of which is on display in the South Carolina State Library. Rhett also illustrated a number of books, including South Carolina Indians (1965) written by Beth Causey and Leila Darby. She also painted a prominent Atlanta family's four boys in the 1970s .


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