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Alien Abduction
Directed by Eric Forsberg
Produced by David Michael Latt
David Rimawi
Paul Bales
Written by Eric Forsberg
Starring Megan Lee Ethridge
Griff Furst
Marissa Morse
Patrick Thomassie
Jilon Ghai
Lola Forsberg
Distributed by The Asylum
Release date(s) April 26, 2005
Running time 90 mins.
Country  United States
Language English

Alien Abduction is a 2005 science-fiction horror film produced by The Asylum, and one of few by the same studio not produced to capitalize on the release of another film. It was released with the tagline: "The war of the worlds has just begun!", referencing the 1898 novel The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, which would be adapted to film by The Asylum two months later.



The film begins with a group of carefree teenagers, who are camping in an unidentified forest. As they spend the night drinking and hanging out, a light suddenly appears overhead.

Jean is the first to notice something wrong when she videotapes a UFO flying overhead. At first her friends don't believe her, and they are not convinced from what they see on the tape. But that night when they are sitting around the camp fire with Jean taping their antics, the aliens attack. The four friends flee for their lives, Jean still clutching the camera, but there is no way to escape. Although uncertain of what the light is, the teenagers are suddenly abducted by a UFO. Eventually they are netted and transported from the Earth's surface. Jean and her friends wake up in a holding cell on the ship. Jean uses the camera's night vision to explore the alien glyphs and passages. Then a horrific alien vocalization comes over a loud speaker and the friends are rounded up and pushed into a room where they are tied up and vivisected with gory bits of viscera still on tables.

Jean awakens in a hospital suffering from terrible flashbacks of her violent abduction. Then, in the night, alone and in the dark, a shadowy figure comes into her room and staples something into the back of her neck, and the flashbacks stop. Jean has no memory of the abduction.

Jean is questioned by a staff psychiatrist, Dr. Booker, who reveals that she is in a specialized hospital for those who have been abducted by UFOs. She has to remain under their care until they are certain that she can return to her regular life without causing a panic. The military attache, Commander Shakti, wants her locked up and lobotomized. Jean breaks into a private wing of the hospital to find one of her friends and, to her horror, sees that part of the hospital is reserved for mutants, the insane and people who are being lobotomized. She sees a woman being lobotomized by having her skull drilled. Jean is captured by Shakti and given electric shock therapy until she is unconscious. When she wakes up, Shakti interrogates her and then sends her to an execution room. Jean lobotomizes the nurse instead and disguises the nurse as herself, by covering her with gore. She wanders underneath the facility, looking through vents for a way out, until she finds a storage room with nobody in it. She crawls out and explores, eventually finding her own things in a box with her name on it. In there is her video camera. The tape is gone but the memory stick is still there. She replays the video and is shocked to see the entire abduction on tape. She quickly escapes from the storage room, killing a guard on the way. She also sees and tapes a scientist tending and maybe breeding alien larvae in a secret lab. She also sees scientist masturbating the aliens' genitals to extract sperm.

Jean breaks into a medical technician's locker room and disguises herself. There, she meets Thomas, her doctor from the previous week. She overhears that the aliens have escaped from the lab and are infecting the facility.

One by one the infected people are killed only to reveal an alien larva cracking out of their faces and escaping. Jean and Thomas try to save her friends from the secret wing but they are a mess and Todd barely remembers that he knows her. Jean gets them to near safety when Todd turns on them. Thomas shows Jean the way out, and reveals that the entire hospital is still in the alien space ship. Todd kills Britney and Thomas, a guy whom Jean had a brief moment of romance with. An alien larva bursts out of Thomas' head just as he dies. Jean is captured by an adult alien, attempting to mate when she shoots it in the throat.

Later, Jean finds herself in another lab, looking at a series of human clones. Britney, Bud, Todd and her own clone are there. Shakti comes over and explains that Jean died in the abduction and she was cloned back to life. Jean, in a furious attempt, kills her own clone by pulling out its placenta. Dr. Brooks fakes a removal of her memory chip, in order to eliminate her memory before returning her back to Earth. Shakti also ordered for her friends to be resurrected as well. However, Jean's memory was never erased.

Jean, Todd, Bud and Britney suddenly find themselves hiking in the woods again, in the warm sunshine, as a helicopter searches for them. They report to the rescue officers that they are totally unharmed. An army officer asks Jean: "What happened in the two weeks you've been away?" The movie ends with Jean giving him a cheeky look.


  • Meggan Lee Ethridge .... Jean
  • Griff Furst .... Todd
  • Marissa Morse .... Britney
  • Patrick Thomassie .... Bud
  • Jilon Ghai .... Thomas
  • Bobby James .... Dr. Booker
  • Claudia Katz .... Major Shakti
  • Edwin Craig .... The Director
  • Angela Landis .... Nurse White
  • Deirdre Schweisow .... Nurse Green
  • Amanda Weier .... Captain Helens
  • Robert Lucchesi .... Lt. Biggs
  • Scott Evans .... Staffer Maurice
  • Butch Leonard .... Staffer Franks
  • Lola Forsberg .... Bonnie

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