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Alien Raiders
Directed by Ben Rock
Written by Julia Fair (screenplay)
David Simkins (written by)
Starring Carlos Bernard
Rockmond Dunbar
Mathew St. Patrick
Music by Kays Al-Atrakchi
Distributed by Warner Home Video (2008) (Australia)
Warner Home Video (2009) (USA)
Release date(s) USA 21 September 2008 (Fantastic Fest, Austin)
Running time 85 min.
Language English

Alien Raiders is a 2008 American sci-fi horror film, starring Carlos Bernard, Rockmond Dunbar and Mathew St. Patrick. The film is Ben Rock's first feature film as a director. The film was produced by Daniel Myrick, John Shiban, and Tony Krantz, and was released by Warner Home Video and Raw Feed in September 2008.



The film begins with a group of men preparing weapons for a fire fight. Among them, an argument sparks regarding whether or not a certain person will be at their destination, a local grocery store. Upon arrival, they find a group of people.

The guys from the car take over the store and appear to be looking for someone, and it seems one of them is "scanning" people by staring into their eyes. The cop who evaded the raiders, shoots one and calls for back up. He continues to elude the raiders for a few more seconds and shoots Spooky, the guy who was scanning everyone. The cop is shot and the dead are moved back to the freezers where one of the raiders shoot up the dead bodies.

The cleared hostages are sent out when the police arrive and the uncleared are all cordoned off in the back and forced to drink milk. The raiders then reveal that they are a group of scientists that is tracking an unknown contagion to this town and to the supermarket. Since Spooky is dead, they must use an alternate method to find out who is infected.

They take the first of the uncleared people, the boss of the store, and begin to ask questions. This is all to distract him from cutting one of his fingers. He protests and tries to escape showing them he has stolen money from the store. Meanwhile the hostages begin to plan an escape. As one of the hostages goes into the freezer to get a gun to escape he is killed by some person. Later, in the movie it is revealed that the person who killed the hostage is an alien king. In the end they realize that the person they killed is not the king and a girl already released is the real king.


The film used Inglewood, California as a location.[1] Working titles for the film were Inhuman and Supermarket.[2]



In the 2008 ShockerFest (a Californian film and video festival for horror, fantasy and science fiction films), Ben Rock was awarded a Science Fiction Genre Award, as was Courtney Ford in their "Best Actress" category. Rock also won the Festival Prize in the Best Film - Thriller Feature category of the 2008 Shriekfest (a Los Angeles Horror/Sci Fi Film Festival).[3] The movie won on 13 October 2009 the Reaper Award in the Category best Direct-to-video production.[4]


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