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Alienators: Evolution Continues
Also known as Evolution: The Animated Series
Genre Animation
Written by Michael Ryan
Dick Grunert
Paul Quinn
Directed by Will Meugniot
Voices of Kirby Morrow
Andrew Francis
Mark Acheson
Cusse Mankuma
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Andy Heyward
Producer(s) Michael Ryan
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) DENTSU Music And Entertainment
Original channel Fox Kids Network
Original airing 15 September 2001
Status Ended

Alienators: Evolution Continues (also known as Evolution: the Animated Series in the UK) is a traditionally animated series based on the moderately successful live-action feature film, Evolution.



As with the movie, the premise of the series is that a meteor crashes in Arizona; single-celled alien organisms on this meteor quickly evolve into montrous creatures, dubbed the "Genus". A team of scientists, the Alienators, work to fight the creatures and prevent them from destroying all human life.

The "Genus" is led by a "humanoid manifestation" named Scopes.


  • Scientist Ira Kane
  • Scientist Harry Block
  • Lt. Lucy Mai
  • Teenage "wannabe fireman" Wayne Grey
  • Scientist Allison Reed
  • General Russell Woodman
  • "Odiferous" alien tracker GASSIE: "Genetically Altered Symbiotic Stasis In Evolution"
  • Scopes and the Genus

Production credits

Twenty-six episodes, half an hour each. Produced by DIC Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television and DreamWorks.

Episode list

No. Episode Episode Date
1 Survival (1) 9/15/2001
2 Survival (2) 9/22/2001
3 Survival (3) 9/29/2001
4 Don't Drink The Water 10/6/2001
5 Slick 10/13/2001
6 Swarm 10/20/2001
7 Junkyard Dogs 10/27/2001
8 French Underground 11/3/2001
9 Runaway Strain 11/10/2001
10 Dead Wayne Cells 11/17/2001
11 Roman Holiday 12/1/2001
12 To Carthage Then I Came 12/8/2001
13 Year Of The Genus 2/9/2002
14 Hot Java 2/16/2002
15 Ira Knows Best 2/23/2002
16 Genus In Your Tank 3/2/2002
17 Cradle Will Fall 3/9/2002
18 Head Case 3/16/2002
19 General Disorder 3/23/2002
20 Itching For The Genus 3/30/2002
21 REAPER (1): Countdown 5/4/2002
22 REAPER (2): The Ark 5/11/2002
23 REAPER (3): Alpha Omega 5/18/2002
24 Fire And Ice UNAIRED
25 Meltdown UNAIRED
26 End Game UNAIRED


The name of the villain Scopes is likely a reference to the defendant in the Scopes Trial which concerned the teaching of evolution in public schools.

There are many differences between the series and the movie:

  • While General Woodman had a balding hairline in the movie, he had a full head of hair in the series.
  • Deke and Danny Donald appear in the series, but Danny is renamed Derek.
  • Despite appearing in the movie, Governor Lewis does not appear in the series.
  • Wayne's surname is changed from Grey to Green.
  • Ira likes cooking as it is a form of science.
  • Ira wished that he was born to scientist parents.
  • General Woodman's hair was dyed blue in "General Disorder".
  • The romance between Ira and Allison as seen in the movie is ignored in the series.
  • In the first episode when the gang is watching the news and they see themselves destroying the giant alien from the movie, they are wearing different clothes, and Deke and Danny are not present.
  • Harry Block's hair is long and braided into large cornrows, rather than short in the movie.

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