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As an attributive, all-Ireland emphasises the entire island of Ireland, as opposed to either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. In Irish republicanism, the expression 32-county is often used instead: 32 as distinct from the 26 traditional counties of the Republic and the remaining 6 of Northern Ireland.

"All-Ireland" is often used as an abbreviation of All-Ireland Championship, held by sports organised on All-Ireland basis. In particular:

Many sports are organised on an all-Ireland basis, for example basketball, boxing, cricket, curling, Gaelic football, field hockey, golf, horse racing, hurling, rugby league, rugby union, swimming, and tennis. Notable exceptions are association football and athletics.

Similarly, the term may be used in reference to annual competitions in certain traditional music and art forms:

It is also used in the title Primate of All Ireland, the senior clergyman in each of the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland:


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