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Allhiphop screenshot.jpg
Slogan The world's most dangerous site
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Music website
Registration Optional
Available language(s) English
Owner AHH Holdings LLC
Created by Greg Watkins, Chuck Creekmur
Launched 1998
Revenue US$4 million (as of 2007)
Current status Active is a hip hop news website. It was founded in 1998. At five million visitors a month, it is the world's most popular hip hop website.[1][2] Essence magazine has dubbed it "the CNN of hip-hop".[3] In 2006, AllHipHop won the Rising Stars Award from Black Enterprise magazine. In 2007, PC Magazine listed it as one of the "Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites".[4] As of May 2008, it attracts over thirty-seven million page views a month.[5]


Greg Watkins and Chuck Creekmur founded the website in 1998.[6] High school friends Watkins and Creekmur grew up in Newark, Delaware.[3] In 1997, Watkins registered the domain to promote the artists on Oblique Recordings, a small record label he operated. The website provided music downloads to promote the label's artists. After reaching 30,000 downloads a month, Watkins struck deals with eMusic and other retailers to sell downloads. His friend Creekmur, a freelance journalist, had launched a website,, in New York. After merging the companies, they adapted Trantrum's exclamation point logo for AllHipHop.[7] By 2003, the business generated enough revenue for Watkins to quit his job and work on the website full time. Creekmur did the same next year. In 2007, the revenue exceeded US$4 million.[3]


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Advertisements (Also known as AHH)

The premiere true hip hop community on the web. Provides vast amounts of information surrounding the hip hop movement along with reputable non biased interviews from many of the worlds premiere artists. Much of all inside hiphop information is attributed to the site. It is used by many large media sources such as [BET]'s 106 and Park.


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