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All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series
The title card of the series
Format Animation
Directed by John Grusd
Gary Selvaggio
Starring Steven Weber
Dom DeLuise
Sheena Easton
Ernest Borgnine
Charles Nelson Reilly
Bebe Neuwirth
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 40 (List of episodes)
Running time 22 min
Original channel First-run syndication (1996-1997)
Fox Family Channel (1998-1999)
Audio format Stereo
Mono (sometimes)
First shown in September 21, 1996
Original run September 21, 1996 – November 6, 1998

All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series is an animated television series which aired from 1996 to 1998 with 41 half-hour episodes. It was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Don Bluth’s 1989 animated feature All Dogs Go to Heaven featured a roguish mutt named Charlie, who died, went to heaven, conned his way back to Earth for vengeance on his killer, then found redemption through a little orphaned girl. The film warmed audience’s hearts, spawning a film sequel and this animated series.

The theme song is "A Little Heaven". It was written by Lorraine Feather and Mark Watters. The singers were Gene Miller of Nashville, Clydene Jackson-Edwards, and Carmen Twillie. Most of the voice actors from the feature films reprised their roles in the series, including Dom DeLuise, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Nelson Reilly, Bebe Neuwirth, Sheena Easton, and Adam Wylie. Steven Weber provides the voice of Charlie B. Barkin who was previously voiced in the first two movies by Burt Reynolds and Charlie Sheen.

The series is a complete spin off of the "franchise". For example, Charlie and Sasha were shown being together at the end of the film, but in the series they seem never to have had a 'first date'. Again, in the film Itchy decided to stay in heaven, but he is alive in the series (though it becomes clear later in the Series why he's here instead of being in Heaven). Charlie and Itchy live in San Francisco as guardian angels, getting their missions from Anabelle. The show was a family sitcom, with Charlie and Itchy becoming embroiled in several misadventures while trying to do the right thing. Charlie’s villainous rival Carface, and his hench-dog Killer, also appear in the series, as do Charlie’s pooch pals Sasha and Annabelle. The series also features an antagonist named Belladonna, Annabelle's evil cousin.



  • Charlie B. Barkin (voiced by Steven Weber): Charlie's job as a guardian angel is to solve trouble, however he is constantly making it as well.
  • Itchy Itchiford (voiced by Dom DeLuise): Frequently serves as the voice of Charlie's much-ignored conscience.
  • Annabelle (voiced by Bebe Neuwirth): The whippet archangel Annabelle pops up in the series on a regular basis to give Charle and Itchy their assignments.
  • Sasha LaFleur (voiced by Sheena Easton): At the end of All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Sasha and Charlie are implicitly married. In the series, by contrast, Sasha is Charlie's on-again, off-again girlfriend.
  • David (voiced by Adam Wylie): Also returning from All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, David is Charlie, Itchy and Sasha's close human friend, who often suffers the consequences of Charlie's ill-conceived attempts to help with his problems. Notably, David is not Charlie and Sasha's owner. even though he became their master at the end of the second film.
  • Winnifred Bessime de Winkerville (voiced by Tress MacNeille): Prefers to be called "Bess", as opposed to her long-winded full name. Bess is Itchy's girlfriend in the series, having met him in "Cyrano de Barkinac". She seems to be unaware of Itchy's angelic activities, unlike Sasha, who is well aware of both boys' doings.
  • Carface Caruthers (voiced by Ernest Borgnine): An antagonist. He runs a curio shop in the same building where he and Red ran their shady business in All Dogs go to Heaven 2,
  • Killer (voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly): Killer is back as Carface's henchman (again), although he is only a minor character.
  • Belladonna (also voiced by Bebe Neuwirth): Annabelle's cousin, another antagonist in the series.
  • The Wild Pack: A bunch of mean street dogs, led by Otto, who has a particular animosity for Charlie.
  • Gerta: (voiced by Tress MacNeille) A waitress at The Flea Bite. She is Sasha's friend and confidant.


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Home Video History

In the 1990s several VHS editions of the series were released, each containing 2 episodes. In 2006 two volumes of the series were released by MGM entertainment, each containing 4 episodes. There is currently no plan to release more episodes of the series on DVD. Also, every episode of the series can now be viewed on iTunes.

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