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All I Want Is Everything
Studio album by JoJo
Recorded November 2007 – January 2010;
Boston, Massachusetts
Atlanta, Georgia
Los Angeles, California
New York City, New York
Villanova, Pennsylvania
Genre Pop, R&B
Label Blackground, Interscope[1]
Producer Joanna Levesque (also executive), Danja, J.R. Rotem, Timbaland, The Messengers (Adam Messinger & Nasri), Tank, Toby Gad, The Underdogs, DJ Toomp, Darkchild, Polow da Don, Billy Steinberg, Josh Alexander, Bryan-Michael Cox, Marsha Ambrosius, Chad Hugo, Pharell Williams, Jim Beanz, Jovan Dais, Kenna, Madd Scientist, Tony Dixon, Eric Dawkins, J. Gatsby, Beau Dozier, Travis Garland and Ron Fair, Schife
JoJo chronology
The High Road
All I Want Is Everything

All I Want Is Everything is the third studio album by American pop-R&B singer JoJo on Blackground Records and Interscope Records.[2]

The album was announced in early 2008, and until late 2009, no official announcements were made. The album spent a long time on hiatus, which was accompanied with a leak of many of its tracks. As of February 2010, fourteen new tracks were gradually leaked, an album's worth of material.



I had the opportunity to work with JoJo from Blackground Records, she’s coming out, and we made a record together (that me, her and DJ Toomp did). I’m really selective about who I work with because I’m not interested in it like that as far as working with so many different people. I really like JoJo. I like her music, I like her voice and I believe she’s a true talent. We came up with some great material.
—Jovan Dais, talks about JoJo[3]

In 2008 JoJo stated that she had been writing songs for her third album, to be released when she turns eighteen. JoJo stated that she is writing and producing her new album in early 2008 in Boston and Atlanta. In April 2009, she confirmed on a radio interview the title from her upcoming album and has also lined up producers Tank, DJ Toomp, J. Moss, Toby Gad, The Underdogs, Danja, J.R. Rotem, Billy Steinberg, Bryan-Michael Cox, Marsha Ambrosius, Madd Scientist, Tony Dixon, Eric Dawkins, and J. Gatsby.[4] In a July 3 interview, JoJo confirmed that they have finished up three quarters of the material.[5] She also confirmed that it will be her most personal album to date with inspiration coming from her breakup with Freddy Adu to finding a new relationship, as well as feeling sexier and more confident in becoming a woman. The self-written title track is described as an inspirational anthem.[5] On August 30, 2008, JoJo posted her own answer version to the song "Can't Believe It", originally performed by T-Pain, that she covered the song just for fun/

I’m working with Chad, still, as always, probably forever. Chad and I have just produced five or six songs for JoJo, the 13-year-old who is now 18 years old and has the voice every singer should be afraid of.
Kenna, talks about JoJo[6]

In January 2009 Singer-Songwriter Jovan Dais stated he will be working with DJ Toomp on her new album.[3]

In February 2009, Kenna said in an interview by Buzzine[7], that he has produced with Chad Hugo on at least five or six tracks for JoJo's upcoming album.[6]

On June 3, 2009 JoJo stated on her YouTube account that she was waiting for her record label to sign a distribution deal but apart from that she had finished her album.[8]

On June 9, 2009 JoJo released a remix on her YouTube account of "Houstatlantavegas" by Drake[9] and on June 10, 2009 samples of "Fearless", "Touch Down" and "Underneath" leaked on the net.[10] JoJo posted on her official MySpace: "These songs are not on the album nor do they represent the sound or direction of this record. We are only considering one of those songs for the final finished product".[10] In mid July she currently work with other recording artists and producers in Los Angeles until August. In August she stated that she currently produced and was writing songs with producer Beau Dozier and Travis Garland in the studio. After her lawsuit ended in August she went back to Boston to work with Kenna again who worked with her in January 2009.

In October after the distribution deal of her record label she worked with producer & songwriter from Interscope Ron Fair. So far she has also worked with Adam Messinger & Nasri from The Messengers who has produced the track called "Safe With Me" which leaked in early November. She has performed on November 17, 2009 at the NOH8 Campaign for the first time and it was her first performance with a new song.

In an interview with Rap-Up magazine in December 2009, JoJo said about the album:

"I wanted to do something that people would be like, ‘Wow, this girl has come a long way and she’s really taking the reins, I wanted people to get a sense of who I am".

She also said that in January 2010 she will work with Timbaland, Jim Beanz and Pharrell and put the finishing touches on the album.[11] She said that if any of the leaked tracks make the album, it will only be 1 or 2. She will also be working on her first mixtape with Clinton Sparks and Chester French. Also, she recently said that album will be ready for a late September release, with a single to be released in early July.

Conflict with record label

After waiting almost 2 years to get her album released, JoJo decided to file a lawsuit against her label. She's asked to be released from Da Family Records and to receive $500,000 for her troubles.[12] A deal was reached in late September 2009. On September 23, JoJo announced through her Twitter account, that a deal had been reached,[13][14] In October 2009, Blackground reached a deal with Interscope Records for distribution.[15]


Confirmed Tracks

Recorded Tracks

  • "Fly Away"
  • "Forever In My Life”
  • “Hell Of A Song”
  • "Hooked On You"
  • "How You Did It"
  • “I Hate Love”
  • "Impossible To Love"
  • "Keep Forgetting (To Forget About You)"
  • ”Pretty Please”
  • "Something In The Water"
  • "Take Me Around The World"
  • “Wait A Minute (For Your Love)”
  • “Wrong Man For The Job”

New Songs From ASCAP

  • "Fearless"[22] (Toby Gad, Billy Mann, Joanna Levesque) (produced by Toby Gad)
  • "Touch Down"[23] (Toby Gad, Joanna Levesque) (produced by Toby Gad)
  • "Underneath"[24] (Toby Gad, Amara Brown, Joanna Levesque) (produced by Toby Gad)

New Songs From BMI


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