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All Pro Wrestling
Founded 1995
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters Hayward, California
Founder(s) Roland Alexander
Owner(s) Roland Alexander

All Pro Wrestling is an independent professional wrestling promotion based in Hayward, California which was started by and is currently managed by Roland Alexander.



In 1999, All Pro Wrestling (APW) was featured as part of the documentary film, Beyond the Mat. Roland Alexander, along with wrestlers Tony Jones and Michael Modest appeared, as they were having a tryout match with the World Wrestling Federation.

APW suffered a wrongful death lawsuit to the family of APW Boot Camp trainee, Brian Ong. On May 28 2001, Ong was training with fellow trainee Dalip Singh, despite suffering from an earlier concussion. Singh delivered a flapjack to Ong twice, with the second with his head striking the mat and worsening his concussion.[1] He was pronounced dead on arrival to a local hospital. Ong's family sued APW for reckless behavior. The case was filed in September 2002, and the trial was underway on June 10, 2005. After a three-week trial, on July 12, the jury voted unanimously in favor of the Ong family. APW was forced to pay $1.3 million to the Ong family.[2]

In December 2009, APW began televising taped shows on Saturday mornings on Channel 50 / Cable 199 in the San Francisco Bay Area.[3]

Boot Camp

The All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp has trained and graduated a number of major wrestling stars including: Crash Holly, Vic Grimes, Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan, The Great Khali, Spike Dudley, Cheerleader Melissa, Brent Albright and Sara Del Rey.

After a dispute with Roland Alexander in 2002, most of the APW roster, including trainers Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan, and Frank Murdoch left the company to start a training facility known as the Pro Wrestling IRON Tetsu Academy (now defunct).

Training in the APW Boot Camp consists of three stages: Beginner, Semi-Pro, and Pro. Beginner's Camp focuses on basic fundamentals of wrestling including: Bumps, Amateur holds and takedowns, and basic pro holds. Semi-Pro Camp takes everything from the beginner's class and adds advanced professional maneuvers including: various slams, suplexes, strikes, and counters. Semi-Pro camp will start to introduce students to basic ring psychology and proper selling techniques. Pro Camp is a training class for current pro's as well as advanced semi-pros. In Pro Camp, the head instructor(s) {generally the lead veteran wrestler(s) on the roster} go over detailed selling, match structure, and advanced ring psychology. Pro Camp is designed to keep current pro's on top of their game, while helping semi-pro's advance and become more comfortable in the ring, in a match setting.

The Boot Camp was briefly shown on an episode of the TV show Cristina's Court. This was during an episode in which Heath Baron sued APW owner, Roland Alexander. To show the judge what a day in APW Boot Camp was like, Roland provided a short video clip of a typical class. In the clip, you can see APW wrestlers, J.J. Perez, Jeckles the Jester, "Out of Control" Matt Carlos, and "Double D" Dave Dutra.

Current roster



  • Dylan Drake
  • Malachi
  • "The Boss" Derek Sanders
  • "Wrestling Personified" Rik Luxury
  • Jeckles the Jester
  • Mr. Wrestling #4
  • "The Nice Guy" Vinny Massaro
  • Mr. Prime Time
  • "Rock Legend SCUM" Adam Thornstowe
  • Luster the Legend
  • "British Messiah" Timothy Thatcher
  • "Double D" Dave Dutra
  • "Out of Control" Matt Carlos
  • "Texas Hangman" Dalton Frost
  • "Big Country" Jody Kristofferson
  • "The Mountain From Stone Mountain" Larry Blackwell
  • "Latin Dragon" Junior Morales
  • Christina Von Eerie
  • Vennis DeMarco
  • Omega
  • Corvus
  • "Savior of Sins" Mike Rayne
  • "The Oak-Town Kid" Tyson Thompson
  • "Hard" Cory Dayton
  • Boombala

Tag teams and stables

  • The Association
    (Vinny Massaro, Dalton Frost, Malachi)
  • Reno SCUM
    (Adam Thornstowe, Luster the Legend, Christina Von Eerie)
  • Late Nite Prime Time
    (Rik Luxury, Mr. Prime Time, Markus Mac)

Managers and valets

  • Freckles
  • Markus Mack
  • Matthew Theall


  • El Chupacabra
  • A.J. Kirsch
  • Jay Streets


  • Roland Alexander
  • John LaRocca
    (Booker and Promo Class Coach)
  • Rik Luxury
    (Pro Camp Coach)
  • Mr. Prime Time
    (Pro Camp Coach)
  • J.J. Perez
    (Head Pro Camp Coach, Advanced Semi-Pro Fundamentals Coach, and GM (Fictitious))
  • Dave Dutra
    (Beginners' Fundamentals Coach)
  • Sparkey Ballard
    (Referee Fundamentals Coach)
  • Ciara, Kimberly
    (APW "Official Girls")
  • Tom Castor
    (Head Referee)
  • Sparkey Ballard,
  • John "Cheeseburger" Roberts
    (Ring Announcer)




Championship: Current champion(s): Date won: Location: Defeated:
APW Universal Heavyweight Championship Malachi November 7, 2009 Hayward, CA Dylan Drake
APW Worldwide Internet Championship "Double D" Dave Dutra January 16, 2010 Hayward, CA Timothy Thatcher

Gauntlet to the Gold

  • 2008 Winner: Dylan Drake (10/4/08)
  • 2009 Winner: Malachi (09/26/09)

Young Lions Cup

  • 2008 Winner: "Out of Control" Matt Carlos (12/6/08)
  • 2009 Winner: "The Real Deal" Dan Danielson (4/18/09)

Pick the Winner Battle Royal

  • 2009 Winner: "The Latin Dragon" Junior Morales (1/3/09)
  • 2010 Winner: "Out of Control" Matt Carlos (1/16/10)

Retired and inactive championships

Championship: Final champion: Date won: Location: Previous: Title retired:
APW Junior Heavyweight Championship Chris Cole May 10, 1997 Hayward, CA Erin O'Grady October 3, 1997
APW Above The Law / Future Legend Championship Cheerleader Melissa May 3, 2005 Daizee Haze 2005
APW Tag Team Championship Border Patrol
(Derek Sanders & Nate Rulez)
January 5, 2008 Hayward, CA Bloodline
(Billy Blade & Gangrel)
Spring 2008


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