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All of Me

Theatrical Release Poster
Directed by Carl Reiner
Produced by Stephen J. Friedman
Written by Edwin Davis
(novel, Me Two)
Phil Alden Robinson and Henry Olek (screenplay)
Starring Steve Martin
Lily Tomlin
Victoria Tennant
Madolyn Smith
Richard Libertini
Music by Patrick Williams
Cinematography Richard H. Kline
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) September 21, 1984
Running time 93 min.
Country  United States
Language English

All of Me is a 1984 fantasy/comedy film directed by Carl Reiner and starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. This film is based on the novel Me Two by Edwin Davis.[1]



Martin plays an attorney named Roger Cobb. He is dating his boss' daughter and is also an aspiring jazz guitarist. Lily Tomlin is a difficult, eccentric, spoiled rotten, but oxygen-dependent millionairess named Edwina Cutwater. Discovering that she is dying, Cutwater wants to make some unusual final arrangements.

Roger is sent in to arrange her will, in which she wants to leave her vast fortune to Terry Hoskins (Victoria Tennant), her stablekeeper's daughter, with the idea that a culture-shocked holy man can use a mystical bowl to allow Miss Hoskins' soul to leave and Edwina's soul to enter her body, giving her the chance of a life in a less crippled body. Roger, unsurprisingly, believes the whole plan is "bananas".

However, the plans go awry and Roger himself ends up with Edwina's soul having control over the right side of his body and him the left, causing constant friction and problems between the two — amongst them, the loss of Roger's girlfriend and job. While their relationship does warm during the course of the film, things are further complicated by the revelation that Terry is a scheming opportunist who is planning to take advantage of Edwina's last will and testament and have her former employer's fortune for herself, having never actually believed that the soul-transference would work.

The movie ends with Terry's plot being foiled by Roger and Edwina. Rather than face life in jail, Terry at last consents to having her soul placed into the body of her stablehand father's horse. Edwina takes up residence in Terry's body as originally planned, so that she and Roger can live a happy, carefree life with her fortune. The final shot has Roger and Terry dancing, but in the mirror the audience sees that it is really Roger and Edwina dancing.


Home video release history and availability

All of Me belonged to the production company Kings Road Entertainment and was distributed by the company through Universal Pictures in 1984. While Universal held theatrical distribution rights the company refused to have any participation with the film's home video release. In 1985 British media company EMI under their home video division released the film on VHS and they would continue to hold the rights to the film for a decade. In early 1999 Trimark Home Video purchased full video rights from EMI remastering the film and re-releasing it onto VHS as well as the new DVD formatting. In 2000 Trimark went defunct and sold their video library to Lions Gate Entertainment. In 2005 Lions Gate put the marketing of the film in their name and reissued another DVD format of the film. Lions Gate owns all rights to the film's home video formats internationally.


  • Steve Martin and Victoria Tennant were married shortly after the completion of filming.
  • Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin would later work together again in The Pink Panther 2.


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