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"All the Way"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 6
Written by Steven S. DeKnight
Directed by David Solomon
Production no. 6ABB06
Original airdate October 30, 2001
Guest stars

Anthony Stewart Head
Amber Tamblyn
   (Janice Penshaw)
Kavan Reece
Amber Benson

Episode chronology
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"Life Serial" "Once More, with Feeling"
List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes

"All the Way" is the sixth episode of season 6 of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Plot synopsis

It's Halloween, and the Magic Box has enjoyed its busiest day ever, to Anya's delight. Xander realises that it is finally the right time to announce his engagement to Anya, and the group make their way back to Buffy's house to celebrate.

Back at the Summers' home, Willow decides to use magic to conjure up some decorations for Anya, but Tara now shares Giles's concerns about Willow's abuse of her power. When Tara confronts Willow, she brushes off her concerns, asking why Tara is always complaining about her using "magic that couldn't harm a fly".

Dawn tells Buffy that she is going to her friend Janice Penshaw's house, but really meets Janice and two older boys for some Halloween fun. Dawn becomes attracted to one of the boys, Justin, unaware that he and his friend are both vampires.

A call from Janice's mother reveals to Buffy and Giles that Dawn has tricked them, and the group splits up to find her. Willow and Tara visit The Bronze, where Willow proposes using an extremely risky spell to locate Dawn. Tara expresses horror at the idea, and a major argument ensues.

When she shares a kiss with Justin, Dawn realizes the truth about her new love interest. Luckily, Buffy is quickly on the scene to rescue her, but the task of staking the vampire is left to Dawn.

The gang return home, where Buffy is quick to leave the job of chastising Dawn to Giles, who is unhappy about how Buffy is relying on him so much. Meanwhile, Willow casts a spell on Tara to make her forget their quarrel.




Special guest star

Guest starring


  • Charles Duckworth as Glenn
  • Dawn Worrall as Christy
  • Emily Kay as Maria
  • Adam Gordon as Carl
  • Steven Anthony Lawrence as Chunky Kid
  • Sabrina Speeer as Girl
  • Chad Erikson as Guy
  • Dominic Rambaran as Paramedic #1
  • Anthony Sago as Paramedic #2
  • Lorin Becker as Witch Woman
  • Lily Jackson as Witchy Poo

Production details


  • Coin Monster - "Body Of Binky"
  • Fonda - "The Sun Keeps Shining On Me"
  • Hope Sandoval - "Around My Smile"
  • Lift - "Even If"
  • Man Of The Year - "Just As Nice"
  • Nikka Costa - "Everybody Got Their Something"
  • Opus1 music library - "How do you make me feel"
  • Strange Radio - "Make Me A Star"


  • Italian title: "Bugia pericolosa" ("Dangerous Lie")
  • German title: "Halloween – Die Nacht der Überraschungen" ("Halloween: The Night of Surprises")
  • French title: "Baiser mortel" ("Deadly Kiss")
  • Spanish title: "Todo el camino" ("All the Way")
  • Japanese title: "アバンチュール" ("Abanchuuru" - "Romantic Adventure")


  • Spike asks Buffy if they should go patrolling even though he knows that vampires and demons do not go out on Halloween because they feel it is a cliche.
  • While arguing with Giles about patrolling, Buffy references "Halloween" and "Fear, Itself", the two previous Halloween episodes.
  • When asked to get more Mandrake Root from the basement, Buffy comments that it wouldn't be her fault if they have the same conversation over and over and over again, in reference to the time loop in the previous episode.

Arc significance

  • In this episode, Giles sees that Buffy is becoming too reliant on him; this leads to his decision to leave Sunnydale in the next episode.
  • Willow erases Tara's memory in this episode, which will influence her decision to end her relationship with Willow over the next two episodes.
  • This episode also contains the first signs that Xander is unsure of his decision to marry Anya, something that later reaches its climax in the later episode "Hell's Bells".

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