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Allan Verne Cox (December 17, 1926 – January 27, 1987) was an American chemist, member of the United States Merchant Marine, and geologist.


For his graduate research at the University of California, Berkeley, Cox concentrated on rock magnetism. He was awarded the Penrose Medal for geoscience in 1976.

Allan Cox died in a bicycle accident, colliding with a large redwood tree after falling off a cliff on Tunitas Creek road, in the mountains Northwest of Stanford University. Since he was normally very safety conscious and had exceptionally not worn a helmet on that day, it is believed that his death may have been a carefully planned suicide. A possible reason for this was an ongoing police investigation of an alleged illicit relation with a minor. On March 13, 1987, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the San Mateo County coroner had concluded that Cox's death was a suicide. On January 30, 1987, the San Jose Mercury News reported that Cox's death came five days after he learned he was going to be charged with child molestation. Cox allegedly had molested the son of a friend since the boy was fourteen years old. According to the March 13, 1987, story in the San Francisco Chronicle, Cox had told the father of the molested child that he would kill himself if the allegations were reported to the police.

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