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Allen & Heath (also known as AH or A&H) is a company based in Penryn, Cornwall, UK, specialising in the manufacture of audio mixing consoles. Allen & Heath also makes sound management systems for industrial installations and DJ mixers for nightclubs. Allen & Heath is now part of D&M Holdings.



Founded in 1969[1], the company became more widely know after involvement by Andy Bereza, Ivor Taylor, and Andrew Stirling.[2]

In the early 1970s Allen & Heath built a custom quadraphonic mixing console for the band Pink Floyd, the MOD1, which was used by Alan Parsons to mix their live performances. The MOD1 can be seen in their movie "Live at Pompeii". [3]

Allen & Heath was the first manufacture to mount pots and switches on the input channel circuit board. These were the first modular mixers where sub-systems could be replaced as a unit. Allen & Heath was the first company to make a small mixer, a 6 channel, 2 output transistorized mixer called the MiniMixer. The Allen & Heath Syncron A mixer was the first to use op-amps. The Allen & Heath CMC console was the first console to use a microprocessor to integrate MIDI capabilities with a mixer. The GL2 console combined Front Of House (FOH) and stage monitor functionality into a single mixer, what is called a "dual function" mixer. [4]


Allen & Heath's analog pro audio mixer product line starts from a compact 12 channel size up to well-equipped 48-channel frames for professional concert use. The larger VCA based ML series mixers have the option to expand the mixer using a sidecar system. Therefore it is possible, with two 24-input sidecars and a 48-channel mixer (either the ML5000 or the ML4000) to produce a 96-channel mixer with various configurations of stereo channels.

Allen & Heath also manufacture the iLive digital mixer series which has met with favorable reviews[5] in the live sound industry. The iLive systems are based around a control surface and a separate mix engine which has multiple CAT5 cable outputs each of which offers high speed digital data transfer. This allows just one cable to be run from the rack on stage to the FOH iLive, rather than a multicore, and one cable to the iLive controlling monitor mixes. The iLive is useful both as a FOH and a monitor desk as it has very high quality built in effects and up to 48 aux outputs.

Aimed at the DJ market, A&H's Xone line of mixers is held in high esteem by the DJ community due to the emphasis on high quality audio and build quality. The Xone 92 is, arguably, Allen & Heath's most recognisable DJ mixer; it is embraced by Richie Hawtin and other renowned DJs.

One of the Xone mixer's main attributes is the high quality analog VCF filters that enable a DJ to bring in just the low frequency or high frequency portion of a new sound source.

The ZED series has also recently been released; representing comparatively high value as both live and studio desks due to features such as stereo USB returns and two-part mic preamplifiers. The ZED series sits between the MixWizard and the GL series in the Allen & Heath product range.


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