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Alliance: The Silent War
Developer(s) Windward Mark Interactive
Publisher(s) Windward Mark Interactive
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter/Tactical Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Rating Pending (RP)
Media DVD

Alliance: The Silent War is a first-person shooter video game for Microsoft Windows being developed by Windward Mark Interactive to simulate combat over 90 years of human history, taking the player from World War I to modern day. The player will have access to 200 real world weapons using an innovative system called the War Studio. With it, gamers can search for firearms from a number of different parameters, such as caliber, country of origin, and year of production, create multiplayer matches in which weapons from different time periods can be used by each team, or give different types of units weapons that would not normally be used. Players will also have the ability to adjust the amount of realism as a part of their settings. The game will run on the Alliance Engine.

The game has been put on hiatus as the developing company Windward Mark Interactive has begun some work with Linden Labs on their game Second Life, Second Life has now consumed the team leaving Alliance unfinished, though they have stated that it is not canceled. In all likelihood however, the game will not be developed anywhere in the near future, if at all.



  • Over 200 real-world weapons (Possibly 215) spanning 90 years of firearms designs
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Online Co-Op
  • A campaign mode
  • An ability in multiplayer where you can pit different soldiers from different time periods against each other. For example, you can pit a WWI Russian brigade against a modern six person U.S. Navy SEAL team.


The game encompasses 90 years of warfare. The story of the game is about a secret organization that is responsible for many political uprisings and instability.


The game has many different settings spanning the globe.

The two known settings are: Moscow and Egypt

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