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Type Broadcast television network
Country United States
Launch date 2002
Former names VidaVision
Official Website

Almavision is an American television network broadcasting Christian programming in Spanish with affiliates across North and Central America. The network is carried via satellite on Echostar and SatMex 5, their slogan is "Television Cristiana...a la manera de Dios. " ("Christian television... in God's way.").



Almavision began broadcasting on December 28, 2002 as VidaVision on channel 38 in Los Angeles, California. In early 2003, they learned that there was another group in Florida using that name so they changed their name to Almavision (meaning Vision for the Souls).

The network was founded by Juan "Bruno" Caamano. According to Caamano, "I was praying and meditating on the Word of God when I received an instruction from the Lord to establish a television ministry". [1]

Revenue and Assets

Almavision finances its operations by soliciting donations from viewers during its telethons. As a registered non-profit organization, Almavision's tax returns are available for public inspection. In 2006 Almavision reported $2,434,968 in assets, and revenues totaling $5,941,206. Almavision spent more than $4 million on the production and broadcast of religious television programming, less than $10,000 was given to needy individuals, and Bruno Caamano was paid a salary of $102,000, plus another $156,000 in payments for properties that he owns and rents to Almavision. Almavision also gave more than $418,000 to churches owned and operated by Caamano. [2]


Almavision's critics accuse the network of promoting the prosperity gospel, a belief that giving donations will cause God to materially reward the person giving.

Dr. Arlene Sanchez-Walsh, an associate Professor of Church History and Latino Church Studies at the Haggard Graduate School of Theology wrote that "many Latinos are influenced by [the] prosperity teachings [of] Almavision. The prosperity gospel offers a picture of an ideal life in the midst of neighborhoods wracked by poverty, gang violence, substandard education, and pervasive drug and alcohol abuse. Yet it rarely, if ever, changes the real-life picture in those neighborhoods."[3]

Theologian Pablo Santomauro describes Almavision's fundraising strategy as follows: "The promise to viewers is that by sending money to Almavision, God will automatically solve their problems, especially financial problems." In his analysis of Almavision's fundraising practices, Santomauro harshly criticized Caamano for soliciting donations from persons in financial distress and for accusing viewers who did not donate of being "influenced by the devil".[4] [5]

Current Stations

DMA# Market/City Of License Station/Channel No. (DT) Current Owner
2. Los Angeles K55KD 55 (N/A) Almavision O&O
2. Los Angeles (Altadena) KTAV-LP 69 (N/A) Almavision O&O
5. Dallas/Fort Worth (Fort Worth) KVFW-LP 38 (38.3) Gerald Benavides
12. Phoenix KTVP 22 (N/A) Mako Communications
16. Miami WEYS 56 (N/A) Almavision O&O
16. Miami-Key West WCAY 34 (N/A) Beach TV Properties, Inc.
43. Las Vegas KVPX 28 (N/A) Mako Communications
44. Albuquerque KYNN 30 (N/A) Alpha Omega Broadcasting
46. Oklahoma City KUOT 19 (N/A) EICB-TV, LLC
100. Charleston WLCN-CD 18 (N/A) Jen Rose Broadcasting
196. Cheyenne K49AY 49 (N/A) Echonet Corporation

Former Stations

DMA# Market/City Of License Station/Channel No. (DT) Additional Notes
2. Los Angeles (Redlands) KLAU 45 (N/A) Now an Independent station
2. Los Angeles KNET 25 (N/A) Now an Independent station
2. Los Angeles (Palmdale) KPAL 38 (N/A) Now an Independent station
2. Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) KSFV 6 (N/A) Now an Independent Spanish Religious station
5. Dallas/Fort Worth (DeSoto) KNAV 22 (N/A) Now an Independent station
5. Dallas/Fort Worth (Denton) KHPK 28 (N/A) Now an Independent station
5. Dallas/Fort Worth (DeSoto) K31GL 31 (N/A) Now a Genesis affiliate
5. Dallas/Fort Worth (Mesquite) KATA 50 (N/A) Was a Multimedios affiliate;
now an MTV Tr3́s affiliate
10. Greater Houston (DeWalt) KUVM 34 (N/A) Now an Azteca América affiliate.
188. Laredo KLMV 68 (N/A) Now an Independent station.

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