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Weight Male 3-7 kg (6.5-15.5 lb)
Height Male 20-30 cm (8-12 inches)
Coat Short and smooth
Color A variety of colors
Litter size 1-3 puppies
Life span 13-16 years

The Alopekis is a dog in the Working Group. The have no known common genetic problems, and are easy to care for. This dog is not associated with the American Kennel Club, and it will do well in a small apartment, a farm, and in both rural and urban settings.



The Alopekis is fox-like with graceful movement, and it has a wedge-shaped head. This breed comes in a large array of colors and combinations of colors, such as black and beige. It is also relatively small.



The coat of the Alopekis is of good quality, and is easy to groom. There are two types of coats: shorthaired and wirehaired. The outer coat is hard and smooth, and the under coat is soft and dense. The double coat is short and smooth. The coat is medium length, the maximum being 2 inches, or 5 centimeters, and it lies flat on the dog's body. Sometimes, it is slightly wavy, but it should always feel silky.


The sickle-shaped tail of the Alopekis is usually long. The dog holds its tail up high, and has an elegant curve. It is always in motion, showing the dog's joy. The coat of this dog forms a brush under its tail.


This breed of dog has large eyes which vary in shape from round to an almond shape. They are bright, intelligent, and are not deep-set. The color goes with the color of the coat, but they will never be transparent or blue. They both must be of the same color. However, if they are light yellow, there is a serious problem with the dog's eyes.

Muzzle, nose and jaws

The muzzle "tapers easily to the nose", and the topline is level. The nose of the Alopekis has well-opened nostrils. It is flat, and level on the front surface. The Alopekis has strong jaws with scissor-bite teeth.

Character traits and exercise

The Alopekis can adapt easily to urban environments, and can live in an apartment. It is a strong companion, who is devoted to its family and does not tire easily. This dog is also an eager helper, and can easily be trained.


The Alopekis needs free play, as with any dog. However, it can adjust to small households with little running space, as long as they are walked frequently. They can take any amount of exercise, and do well in mini-agility competitions. They are very athletic.



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