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The Alpial are a Muslim Rajput tribe, found mainly in Attock District of Punjab, Pakistan. According to 1931 census of India, their approximate population was 4,500.[1]



The Alpials occupy a compact block of villages on both banks of the Swaan River, in Potohar town, Rawalpindi District and the in the Sil Sohan circle of the Fateh Jang Tehsil, Attock District.

Headman.— The recognised head of the tribe belong to the family of the Chaudris of Chakri. [1]

History and origins

The Alpials claim descent from the Manj Rajputs, and their claim to Rajput origin is generally admitted. They appear to have settled in their present locality about the same time as the Jodhras and Ghebas, that is about the 15th Century, having first wandered through the country now contained in the Khushab and Chakwal districts before settling down in the southern corner of Fateh Jang.

The Alpials are hardworking and excellent cultivators, generally tilling their own land, and working laboriously on their own wells. Socially they rank high, and they intermarry freely with the Ghebas.[1]


The main Alpial villages are Adhwal, Chak Beli Khan, Chakri, Dinal, Dhullial, Dinal, Khilri, Mala Kal, Parial and Raika Maira, Sihal. Most are located in Rawalpindi district.

Notable Alpials


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