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The Altamaha-ha is a posited aquatic creature alleged in local mythology and folklore to inhabit the myriad network of small streams and abandoned rice fields near the mouth of the Altamaha River (after which it has been named) in southeastern Georgia, United States, particularly around Darien and elsewhere in McIntosh County. No physical evidence for its existence has been reported.


There have been many stories of such a creature in southeastern Georgia (and a smaller number of similar reports in Florida) going back to at least the 1700s. The local Tama Indian tribe has legends of a giant, snake-like creature inhabiting the waters of and near the Altamaha River that presumably pre-date English settlement of the Georgia coast.

In cryptozoology

Within cryptozoology, some have speculated that the Altamaha-ha may be an oceanic cryptid which engages in reproductive spawning in the fresh waters in and around the Altamaha River. However, no physical evidence for its existence as a real creature has been reported.




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