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Star Trek: VOY episode
"Alter Ego"

Kes and Harry try a new holodeck program
Episode no. 56
Prod. code 155
Airdate January 15, 1997
Writer(s) Joe Menosky
Director Robert Picardo
Guest star(s) Sandra Nelson as Marayna
Alexander Enberg as Vorik
Year 2373
Stardate 50460.3
Episode chronology
Previous "Fair Trade"
Next "Coda"

"Alter Ego" is an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the 14th episode of the third season. Directed by Robert Picardo ("The Doctor").


Voyager is engaged in exploring an inversion that is mysteriously stable. While the rest of the crew discusses emotions with Tuvok, Ensign Kim gives him a discomforted look. He later goes to see Tuvok in his quarters stating that he wants to learn the Vulcan way of suppressing his emotions. On the question why, it is revealed that he has fallen in love with a character from the holodeck. As a part of Tuvok's methods, they go to see this character, Marayna. Meanwhile, Janeway orders the ship to move away from the inversion, but the ship fails to respond.

All of the crew later engages in a luau on the holodeck. Tuvok again meets Marayna, and is intrigued by her logic. Harry sees this and becomes jealous of Tuvok, who assures him that his jealousy is misplaced and that he feels no emotions for Marayna, but Harry will not listen to this. To prove his statement Tuvok deletes the Marayna character from the holodeck.

Later as Tuvok enters his quarters he finds Marayna there, wearing the Doctor's mobile emitter. It appears she has uploaded herself into the computer and now can control the ship at her will. Tuvok alerts security and Marayna disappears.

Captain Janeway is alerted of the matter and they begin scanning their surroundings for hidden vessels and eventually find a spot where the Marayna character is administered from. Tuvok beams himself to this location and meet the real Marayna. An alien who is living alone in the inversion and prevents it from igniting to allow her people to enjoy its beauty. However, she feels lonely and wants Tuvok to remain with her. Tuvok tells her that if she really cares about him she must let both him and the ship go. She finally agrees to this and Voyager can safely return to its journey home.

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